Tuesday, July 4, 2017

California Bans Non-Essential Travel To Eight Other States

                 Employees of the great state of California will no longer be able to travel on any state-sponsored trips to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky. This proclamation was recently made by the state’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, who deems these states to be insufficiently bending over backward for the LGBTQIA community. Last year, California lawmakers passed a bill that bans state employees from non-essential travel to four other states they believe to be slacking in their duties to worship the now seven-lettered acronym community. (Though, at the time, it may have only been a four-letter acronym community. It has rapidly grown ever more inclusive recently).
                This brings the total number of verboten states to eight, including North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, who were all cashiered in 2016, and means that California has succeeded in seceding most of the South from its version of the Union, something the South itself was famously unable to do.
                Becerra proudly stated that his actions would ensure that California taxpayer money “will not be used to let people travel to states who choose to discriminate,” thereby making it possibly the only thing for which California taxpayer money will not be used.
                I was unaware that attorney generals had the right to determine to which states the citizens they serve are allowed to travel. The Framers would not be happy with the formerly Golden State.
                Becerra, and most others in California’s government, are perfectly content with taxpayer money being used to harbor fugitives from justice, in the form of illegal aliens, however, no matter the cost in crime or dollars. They are also utterly sanguine about taking their taxpayer’s money and using it to fund Planned Parenthood performed abortions, the NEA, NPR, and PBS. Forcing people in unions to cough up cash to pay for political ads for those whose policies are antithetical to them doesn’t bother them at all, either. Neither does making some people arbitrarily pay for other people’s contraception. Or forcing the owners of a small, private business to relinquish their religious beliefs and make an elaborate cake for a gay wedding ceremony.           
                California itself may not have to secede (see my post of 2/28/2017, “Yes, California!”). At this rate, the Land of Milk and Honey will soon only recognize New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Oregon as part of “its” union.

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