Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Navy Secretary At Sea In Terms Of Priorities


Acting Secretary of the U.S. Navy Thomas Harker recently stated that the navy’s priorities will be to prevent sexual assault and to encourage sailors to seek mental health care, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Harker actually recorded a video message to the fleet in which he admitted he himself has sought counseling on several occasions. No surprise there. Too bad it’s apparently not helping.

The navy—and other branches of the military wouldn’t have to worry as much about sexual assault…or mental health counseling, for that matter…if it hadn’t allowed women to serve alongside men in close quarters and even in combat situations. And, is the stress from possibly contracting the coronavirus, which has a nearly 100% survival rate for healthy young people, worse than that of battling the enemy in combat?

Tragically, the cultural rot infecting nearly all other American institutions, and rot it is, is now attacking the United States military. The demented progressives now in charge of much of the nation’s government and military-industrial complex are far more interested in using the military as a sort of social-engineering petri dish than as the sword and shield protecting the country that it was supposed to be. Speaking of mental illness, it is bat-guano crazy to do this, especially at a time when our armed forces should be laser-focused on deterring China, Russia, Iran, and other current and potential adversaries.

Yet, if the ever elusive—and to hear the mainstream media talk, ever present and ever growing—ranks of white supremacists should take to the oceans, you can bet the Biden administration would immediately propose tripling the number of ships in the fleet.

Harker is at sea, though not in the literal sense of the term. As are so many others currently ensconced in the upper echelon of American government.

This is a Dunkirk moment for America, albeit one of our own making. If we don’t dispense with frivolous trivialities and outright hoaxes such as the 1619 Project, critical race theory, the exponential expansion of genders, wokeness, and assorted other politically correct inanities, and start seriously addressing the all-too-real threats posed by China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, for example, we will have missed the proverbial boat.

 And missing that vessel could turn out to be fatal to the Republic…for which Harker and his government comrades supposedly stand.




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