Thursday, April 22, 2021

They're Coming For You, Too


Then they came for Jesus.

It was not enough for Black Lives Matter types and assorted other thugs and vandals to deface and/or topple statues of America’s founders last summer. They then decided to cancel Jesus, too. They defaced a statue of the Lord in Whitefish, Montana, and decapitated another outside a Catholic church in Miami, Florida. In addition, many Christian churches around the country have been the victims of vandalism and malicious attack. These domestic terrorists have been aided, abetted and praised by leading Democrats at every step. Democrats who believe those who wish to conserve America’s statues, history and traditions are the real domestic terrorists.

Democrats, who believe that calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” is a cardinal sin but that calling their Republican colleagues the “enemy” is perfectly acceptable, seem to be avidly following Communist China’s model for how to treat political opponents and subdue a citizenry. To Democrats, the coronavirus was a gift of unprecedented proportions, affording them another crisis to utilize in their unceasing attempts to permanently control the previously uppity populace over which they reign.

To put it mildly, many Democrats are not big fans of God. Competition, you know. The same goes for the CCP (Chinese Communist party), whose leaders have recently mandated that all citizens who have received any benefits from the government due to the coronavirus pandemic must take down any crosses, pictures or statues of Jesus in their homes, and replace them with statues or pictures of President Xi Jinping or Chairman Mao.

So, my fellow Americans, the way things are going under Chairman Joe, don’t be surprised if there is a knock on your door sometime soon, and you see a member of the Deep State standing on your doorstep.

You didn’t really need that picture of Jesus—or mom and dad—hanging above the couch, did you? Wouldn’t a picture of Biden, Harris, or Pelosi look better there, comrade? Hmm? Be careful how you answer.



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