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McIver’s Ladies Baths is was a swimming pool for women only in the Sydney suburb of Coogee, on Australia’s East Coast. McIver’s recently issued a policy banning “trans women” from the pool, predictably causing an outcry from enraged leftists. Just as predictably, McIver’s turtled and rescinded the policy, and even deleted its Facebook page and website, apparently out of sheer terror. The baths had been used as a women’s bathing sanctuary since the 1870s.

Nonetheless, a “swim-in for trans inclusion” was held at the (formerly) women-only swimming pool on January 17th.  Scores of people from the LGBTQIIA+ community joined a few cis swimmers in “defying” the retracted policy and celebrating transgender pride and solidarity. Some protestors held signs simply reading “Let them swim.”

Janet Anderson, who started the viral LetThemSwim hashtag on social media in response to McIver’s attempted exclusion of trans women, said in a statement prior to the protest: “It’s time for women’s spaces to start advocating for ALL women. No woman left behind.” Not even women that are men.

Co-organizer Charlie Murphy noted: “We have seen a massive outpouring of community support for transgender people. The council has received thousands of comments, and more than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for the pool to adopt an openly trans-inclusive policy.”

He added, “Gender should not be determined by what’s in your pants.”

Yes, it is crazy to “assign” gender on the basis of inalienable, binary, naturally immutable physical characteristics. Physical characteristics have no bearing on gender or species determination, right? It is impossible, therefore, to determine the gender, sex, age, or species of any given living organism…at least until we hear from he/she/they/it what it wishes to be.

If “gender should not be determined by what’s in your pants,” race should not be determined by the color of one’s skin and intelligence should not be determined by what’s in one’s mind/brain/head. If physical attributes are utterly moot and unrelated to one’s identity, then we have no right to “label” a giant African or Indian mammal with huge floppy ears, two long tusks, and an enormous trunk extending from its face an “elephant.”

Personally, I identify as a golden retriever. “That’s why I’m taking a dump and peeing in my yard, officer, though the neighbor kids are swimming in their pool 30 feet away. You can’t cite me for that. This is my bathroom, you trans-species-a-phobic bastard!”  

              Next, I may identify as your wife’s husband, therefore I should be able to sleep with her whenever I want…unless, of course, you are an intolerant bigot.

              Or perhaps I will identify as a progressive commentator so I can make inane and slanderous comments without fear of reprisal, while accusing my opponents of doing exactly that.

Better yet, I think I am a “doctor.” And president of the United States. I am Dr. President. But I am non-binary, so I’m also First Lady!  


Remember, we all must follow the science. Correct?




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