Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Egg Destruction And Satan Shoes-- Holy Week 2021


Members of the Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of North Texas campus wanted to spread a little joy—and a positive, hopeful message—during the week leading up to Easter. They decided to set up an easter egg hunt, with roughly half of the eggs containing Bible verses and half containing uplifting verses unconnected with the Christian holiday. So, they distributed approximately 250 brightly colored plastic eggs around campus.

In a telephone interview with The College Fix, Kelly Neidert, the chapter’s president, stated: “We wanted to do something for Easter, but we can’t do activities because of COVID, so we thought the Bible verse Easter egg hunt would be a fun, easy way to celebrate without breaking social distance policy.” She added that the club thought the eggs “would be nice to find,” and bring some joy to those who discovered them. Instead, she and the other club members were attacked and vilified on online campus sites, including a UNT Facebook group that numbers about 9,000 students, parents and alumni of the school.

Some parents said the Easter egg hunt was inappropriate since not everyone on campus is a Christian. Then students got involved, many urging a mass stomping and trashing of the eggs. One suggested a prize for whoever trashed the most eggs. “They were trying to see who could go throw the most [eggs] away and who would stomp on the most of them,” Neidert said. She even was told by a fellow student, via a direct message, to kill herself. Stomping on eggs. Seeking death. Seems like the students could have used the messages in the Bible verses this Holy Week.

Neidert noted of those who make the threats: “Honestly, it happens a lot more than it should. Their first instinct is to be violent and make threats.”

She has been attacked before. Just last year she was—literally—the target of witch hexes. She said, “It’s considered normal for these people to hex me and hex my friends, nobody bats an eye to it. But when I try to go put out some nice verses for my classmates, it’s like I committed a crime.”

Like so many issues in today’s society, this is a simple matter…of good and evil. But no one is supposed to recognize this, and certainly not say it out loud or put it in print. Progressives and elites, ironically the true Great Oppressors, will not countenance such thought or speech. “Don’t be silly,” they say, “there is no such thing as good and evil. Everything is subjective. Everyone has their own truth. The only difference is, your truth is wrong.”      

Also in the lead-up to Easter, Lil Nas X, in conjunction with a Brooklyn-based creative arts collective MSCHF, marketed a line of demonic sneakers, or “Satan Shoes.” The were apparently based on the Nike Air Max 97s, with the distinct difference that the air bubble in the shoes’ soles would be filled with red ink…and a drop of human blood. Oh, and they also sported the number “666,” of course. Lil Nas X planned a limited-edition release of 666 pairs, to be sold for the bargain-basement price of just $1,018 each pair. The shoes went on sale March 29th…and sold out in under one minute. (Nike subsequently filed a lawsuit against the company selling the shoes, as the sneakers prominently featured the Nike “swoosh,” which Nike argued violated its trademark and potentially damaged its brand.)

Lil Nas X, who appeared on Sesame Street less than a year ago, has been busy. He also has a new music video out, in which the gay rapper makes out with a half-man/half-snake and gives Satan a lap dance. What fun! He ends up killing the devil…but only to put Lucifer’s crown on his own head. Despite—or because of—its themes, the video has garnered millions upon millions of views on YouTube, where it is still visible and not subject to any age restrictions, unlike conservative commentary and political videos from intelligent observers like Dennis Prager and Steven Crowder.

Lil Nas X defended his actions and deflected criticism towards the Second Amendment, saying:  "There is a mass shooting every week that our government does nothing to stop. Me sliding down a CGI pole isn't what's destroying society."

Yes, it is.

Maybe someone who recently forked over the thousand-plus dollars for a pair of his Satan Shoes could use them next year to stomp on Easter eggs! And maybe the next limited edition of Satan Shoes will have a drop of straight, white, male, Christian’s blood in them.

Good and evil? Not on your life, you crazy, radical, right-wing extremist! 



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