Monday, April 12, 2021

President Biden, Vaccines, And The Fourth Of July


President Biden recently said that Americans who get vaccinated may well be able to celebrate the Fourth of July, America’s most inclusive and patriotic holiday, in their backyards with a small group of people. He will allow us to do this? He and Kamala and Dr. Fauci? Those of us who’ve been vaccinated would sure like to thank the old massa! Getting together with a few other people in our own backyards to celebrate our amazing freedoms! One question, though: does it have to be our backyards or can we gather in front, too? Did He issue an Executive Order pertaining to this? Too bad the unvaccinated won’t be able to celebrate the Fourth this year (and probably any year), but, hey, its their own damn fault, right? I mean, who in their right mind refuses a government mandate to have an essentially unvetted foreign substance injected into their bloodstream? That is almost tantamount to insurrection, is it not? Dare I even say “treason?” Who knows what’s better for your body, your own person, than the federal government and the Deep State?

I profess I don’t know much about history—I’m no Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Adam Schiff or Cher—but I’m pretty certain that the Continental Army units that fought…I believe it was the British, right?... were able to do so because they had all been vaccinated against flu and malaria, so it was safe to be around each other. And the founders could get together for the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention because they were all vaccinated, too. (I don’t know if they all wore masks and observed proper social distancing guidelines, but I’m guessing they did).  

So, you can see that we wouldn’t even have the freedoms we enjoy today-- and may get to celebrate on July Fourth-- if it wasn’t for vaccines and our ancestors caution, prudence and observance of experts’ advice. You should have thought about that when you were tempted to complain about lockdowns, “nonessential” jobs, mask mandates, travel restrictions, strict limits on wedding and funeral attendance and such like.

Thanks to President Biden, this year we can go out into our own yards and celebrate the Fourth of July with a handful of family, friends or neighbors this year…if we have been duly vaccinated.

That should make anyone reflect on our freedoms, how they were obtained, and where they come from.

Anyway, I hope you have a happy Fourth of July! Just remember-- sparklers are dangerous, keep at least six feet away from anyone else, wear a mask (or two), and make sure to ask everyone if they’ve been vaccinated before allowing them to gather with you!

Here’s to the land of the free and the home of the brave!



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