Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Democrats Demand IDs For Everything But Voting


Democrats and their fellow oligarchs in Corporate America demand bachelor’s degrees before granting an interview for any worthwhile job. We live in a hyper-credentialed society. Little girls need a government-granted license to sell lemonade at their sidewalk stands. One must provide a valid photo I.D. and be vetted by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)—and possibly be subject to a several day waiting period—to purchase a firearm. One must present a current, valid photo ID to cash a check, or buy a loaf of bread, 6 pack of beer or pack of smokes at a grocery store. Want to board a plane? I.D. please. And probably soon a vaccine I.D.

But one should never have to be troubled to identify oneself to vote for the most powerful person on earth, say Democrats. That would be racist! So what if presidents have the ability to start wars, drone people dead and significantly affect every nation’s economy?  So what if they effectively pick winners and losers by their actions? What’s the big deal if they increasingly attempt to strip citizens of their God-given liberties through “Executive Orders,” fiats, diktats and decrees? We mustn’t ask people to show an I.D. in order to vote for them! That would be, well, rude. And racist! Because all good progressives know that Black folks and peoples of color (POC) in general are incapable of obtaining-- and holding on to-- an I.D. I mean, even if they do have one, they probably don’t know where it is, right? Could be under the couch pillows or car seat, behind the toilet bowl or in an old coat pocket, right?

This is all bass-ackwards… and I'm sick of it. Democrats use the system to take power and wealth whenever and however they can get it…and then pull up the ladder, to hell with everyone else. They aspire to keep African-Americans on their government-run plantation and make certain the little guy, entrepreneur, small businesswoman and political opponent have no chance whatsoever to seriously interfere with their dominance. Which is precisely why they say the only time people shouldn’t have to identify themselves is when they are voting. It is so much easier to steal an election when you don’t have to bother to verify or validate photos, signatures, and other voter-specific information against registered voter rolls.

Democrats bellow: “How dare some Republicans call for voter integrity laws! Integrity? Integrity is racist! We’ll sic our corporate sponsors on you and you’ll be sorry! We’ll cancel any person, state or entity that dares to oppose us! And we have six ways from Sunday to destroy you.”

Democrats are against walls, except when they are protecting their own property. They denounce those who eschew facial masks during this “pandemic,” yet take their own off the moment the camera is no longer trained on them. They decry gun ownership, but typically have hired—and armed-- security to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. They are against school choice and vouchers, but almost unanimously send their own offspring to private schools. Conservatives are demonstrably and inarguably not guilty of “systemic” racism, intolerance and bigotry. Quite the opposite. The Democratic party, however, was, and is. Originally against Blacks and now against conservatives— and anyone else that doesn’t toe the party line and revel in its infinite wokeness. And then it has the unmitigated gall to say of any completely fabricated “right-wing” transgression, “This isn’t who we are.” 

It isn’t who we are. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about left-wing actions and intolerance, because it is who we are at the moment, due to the hyper-tolerance, fecklessness and timidity of those on the right.

In America’s bicentennial year of 1976, a movie called “Network” was released, in which a mentally unstable anchorman named Howard Beale informed his viewers that he was “as mad as hell” and “wasn’t going to take this anymore.”

It is long past time that conservatives say the same. And act on that conviction. If they don’t, there will not be a tricentennial.



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