Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Left Continues Its War On Language


The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) is removing the term “master” bedroom from all of its databases and listing services and replacing it with the politically correct phrase “primary” bedroom. According to a TRREB news release, the change was suggested by the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (DITV) to better align it with Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) practices. (WTH?)

The release promised that the change “will also address the negative connotations surrounding ‘master’ bedroom, which many Members, others in the industry, and the public at large associate with terminology rooted in slavery and/or sexism. We also heard some of your concerns about the offensive undertones associated with this term. We know that words matter, and this is a step forward in rethinking outdated terms and modernizing the language used in the real estate industry.”

Note to the TRREB and wokesters everywhere: banning (or bastardizing) language is not progressive, it is regressive…a step backward. When you try to ban words, you are saying one of two things about them: 1) Either the word doesn’t matter at all or 2) The word is so powerful it can overwhelm your ability to rationally process it. In a sane world and to a sane person, neither should be the case.

I guess “Masterpiece Theatre” will have to go, too. Sorry, PBS. As will “The Masters Tournament,” and “Mastercard.” The terms master chef, masterful, and mastermind will all soon be verboten, as well. And please do not speak of Masters and Johnson!

But why stop there? There are a great many synonyms of “master,” all of them as pernicious and dangerous as “master” itself…perhaps more so, as their racist connotations are deliberately obscured by the fact they are spelled differently. Think about that. Could anything be a clearer sign of systemic racism? Here is what a Bing search for “master” synonyms revealed.

Noun/adjective-- lordoverlord, lord and master, rulersovereignmonarch, liege,  liege lordsuzerainoverseersuperintendentdirectormanager, controllerleadergovernorcommander, padrone, captainheadheadmanbossprincipalemployerforemanchieftop doghoncho, head honcho, Big ChiefBig Daddy, gafferguv'norkahunasachem, expert, adept,  genius, past mastermaestrovirtuosoprofessional, doyen, authority, pundit, master, hand, prodigy, grandmaster, championstaraceprowizard, whizz, wizhotshotninjadab handmaven, crackerjack, originalarchetypeprototype.

Verb-- learn, learn thoroughly, become proficient in, know inside out, know backwards, become expert in, acquirepick up,  graspunderstandget the hang of, get clued up about,  get off by heart, overcome, conquer, beat, quell, quash, suppress, control, repress, restrain, overpower, triumph over, subduevanquishsubjugatehegemonize, prevail over, govern, curb, check, bridle, tame, defeat, get the better of, get a grip onget over, gain mastery over, lick.

The term “Lord” is particularly egregious as it gives the false impression that there could be a higher power than government. But all of these words must be canceled and relegated to the ash heap of history in the interest of diversity. Only by eliminating words—and by extension thought—can we truly express our tolerance and inclusiveness, right?

As progressives continue in their inexorable-- and thus-far successful-- attempt to dumb society down, more and more people are succumbing to bellyfeel. Any word, term, or phrase that represents competence, effort, intelligence or proficiency is purported to be nothing but a dog whistle for white patriarchic supremacy. Newspeak has become the order of the day. Say the wrong thing or use the wrong pronoun to describe or greet someone and you may quickly become an unperson.

The left’s attack on language is part of its master plan to control thought, thereby limiting freedom. When people are deprived of knowledge and the ability to persuasively communicate, they are dramatically easier to subjugate. Which is why the vast majority of Democrats in power today support the assault on words and reason.

Turns out, the new Democratic slave masters aren’t much different from the old Democratic slave masters.

Lord help us.



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