Tuesday, April 27, 2021

“OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts” Training Offered At The University Of Arkansas


The University of Arkansas recently paid a minimum of $40,000 for a training program that teaches students, faculty and staff to communicate "OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts,” according to Campus Reform. The training, provided free to all, is intended to teach participants how to identify and respond to stereotypes in today’s society. It consists of five parts, including a basic concept review, video on the impact of stereotypes, practice training with vignettes, methods to shut down hurtful conversation, and a final assessment. That is just what is needed today, instruction on how to “shut down hurtful conversation.”


The training posits that "Ouch communicates a lot with little effort," while introducing the idea of “Ouch and Educate.” The University’s news site notes that the training is “not required but highly encouraged," and adds that the school hopes participants will “gain communication skills for promoting inclusion and respect.” Yes, nothing promotes inclusion and respect like shutting down conversation.


The training program also helpfully illustrates a situation where bellowing “OUCH!” could be instrumental in resolving a stereotypical slight. The edifying vignette is as follows:


“So, about the holiday schedule.” 

“Let Jenny work the holiday shift. She’s single; she doesn’t have family.” 


 “What do you mean?” 

 “I know that you’re trying to help out the other employees, but is that fair to Jenny?”

 Poor Jenny.

This sounds fun though, let me try:

Helping out someone just because they have a family with whom to spend a holiday? Ouch! What about childless single women?”

“Childless single women? Ouch! What about atheist transgenders?”

 “Atheist transgenders? Ouch! What about pan-gendered peoples of color (POCs) named Karen?”

 “Pan-gendered peoples of color (POCs) named Karen? Ouch! What about Tibetan-American non-binary bisexuals?”

"Tibetan-American non-binary bisexuals? Ouch! What about those in the mulatto, transexual, polyamorous, bestiality community?”

“Those in the mulatto, transexual, polyamorous, bestiality community? Ouch!...”

                                 [Ad Infinitum…Fade]

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