Thursday, April 1, 2021

Penises Shrinking Due To Pollution


Reproductive epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan has a new book out, titled “Count Down,” in which she argues that human penises are shrinking-- and increasingly malformed-- due to pollution from phthalates found in manufactured plastics. Apparently, phthalate esters alter the hormone-producing endocrine system, causing more baby boys to be born with small penises. Dr. Swan also believes that phthalates are responsible for the significant decrease in sperm counts that has occurred over the past several decades, especially among men in the developed Western nations, deeming this an existential crisis facing humanity. She originally studied “phthalate syndrome” in rats, noting that fetal exposure to the chemical resulted in rats being born with shrunken genitals. She then found that human babies exposed to phthalates in the womb were more likely to have a shorter “anogenital distance,” which correlates to expected penile volume.

The chemical, found in baby toys and consumables, mimics estrogen and allegedly disrupts the natural production of hormones in human beings, affecting both sexual development in children and behavior in adults.

Swan’s cautionary book appears to have come to the attention of ubiquitous climate-change evangelizer Greta Thunberg, who is hoping Swan’s work just might grab the attention of pollution advocates and deplorable deniers everywhere. Thunberg tweeted: “Human penises are shrinking because of pollution warns scientist.”

The Swedish Shrew is apparently branching out from climate change panic porn to embrace the fight against pollution and various other progressive issues. Bizarrely, I guarantee that Thunberg-- and most others of her ilk—are totally in favor of “trans rights,” including the administering of puberty blockers to young children and the option to add or subtract genitalia at a later date. This renders their supposed concerns over the size, health and status of youngster’s genitalia utterly invalid.

Nonetheless, Winchester University in Hampshire, England, will soon…um… erect a statue of Thunberg to be placed near the school’s West Downs Centre. Vice Chancellor Joy Carter told the Hampshire Chronicle the statue, named “Make a Difference,” will be a "symbol of our commitment to take transformative action to combat the climate emergency." Quite. There’s no more “transformative action” than placing an inanimate sculpture of a Scandinavian teenage scold on one’s campus.

Vice Chancellor Carter added that the school is proud "to stand with Greta and take inspiration from the life-saving message she has brought to us and urgently make a difference in the world." 

Man-caused climate change is a fraud, a scam. Pollution is a serious issue, albeit one the left’s policy prescriptions would make worse, not better.

And the reason sperm counts are plummeting, and penises are shrinking? Virtually every policy embraced by the left is intended to replace the traditional role of men with that of government, particularly the deep state. Progressives seek to emasculate men while feminizing and infantilizing society as a whole. Blue state “metrosexuals” and the rapid rise of the “LGBTQIIA+ community” are two of the necessary results of this progressive cultural onslaught. Shrinking penises and sperm counts are, too.



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