Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Fools' Overture


It hasn’t taken long.

Gas prices are rising. As are the prices of other durable and consumer goods, such as timber. Crime is soaring. China is making threatening gestures and Russia is massing troops on the border of Ukraine. There is a crisis on our own southern border, which even President and Lid-Caller-in-Chief Biden accidentally admitted recently, causing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to claim that’s not what he really meant to say.

This was all eminently predictable because, as any rational human being knows, actions have consequences. Banning the Keystone Pipeline, printing and spending trillions upon trillions of dollars and threatening to implement preposterous environmental policies, defunding the police and coddling criminals have had the effects that similar actions have always had. They are the only possible results of actions such as these. Likewise, pretending that China isn’t a serious and imminent threat to U.S. national interests-- while simultaneously proclaiming that Russia is, even as you have no stomach to back up your assertions— was almost certain to result in the present crises situations.

But being a progressive means never having to worry about consequences because: 1) you will be too busy blaming everyone else for the devastation you have wrought 2) the national media is your bitch and 3) most Americans are ignorant of history. These facts also mean you never have to say you’re sorry. Not that you would anyway.

Hell, you can make half of the country believe that it is effective to fight racism with racism, sexism with sexism and intolerance by being intolerant. You can make them believe that dividing people into ever smaller groups, pitting them against each other and demonizing people of a particular skin color will somehow pave the way to an ideal, equitable society. You can make people think that President Trump’s call for “peaceful” demonstration outside of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., was inciting riot and insurrection while Maxine Waters’ urging already violent protesters in Minneapolis to get “more confrontational” and “stay on the street” was a great moment in the divine fight for civil rights. You can even make people believe there are an infinite number of sexes or genders.

Open borders lead to an ever more unstable society. Excusing or rewarding crime while punishing self-discipline and success can have only one outcome.

 All of history clearly shows this. But we don’t know history anymore. At least not accurate history. Many don’t believe it is as important as, like, you know, the Bachelorette or Cardi B’s new song. In reality, if we are ignorant of history, we are ignorant of everything. And unprepared for what the future will bring. Which is precisely why progressives try so hard to rewrite or erase it.

The classic rock band Supertramp released a song in the late 1970s called “Fool’s Overture.” It was nominally about Winston Churchill. The opening lyrics read:

History recalls
How great the fall can be

While everybody's sleeping
The boat's put out to sea


Anyone familiar with World War II will recognize the probable reference to Dunkirk.


The song continues:


Too late the prophets cried

The island's sinking
Let's take to the sky


The liberal politicians refused to listen to Churchill, and England, but for the valiant efforts of the RAF in the Battle of Britain (“Let’s take to the sky”) was nearly sunk forever.  


My guess is that the members of Supertramp consider themselves good progressives. They probably don’t fully grasp the relevance of their words to the situation the West is in today. If that is indeed the case, more is the pity.

The song continues:


Called the man a fool
Stripped him of his pride

Everyone was laughing
Up until the day he died


Although the wound went deep
Still he's calling us out of our sleep

My friends, we're not alone

He waits in silence to lead us all home


Trump 2024?


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