Sunday, April 18, 2021

Witness: Democrats Now Openly Playing Role Of The Erstwhile Soviet Underground


Many people today—and the great majority of our youth—are not familiar with the name Whittaker Chambers. This is unfortunate. Chambers, born in Philadelphia, became a Communist Party member and Soviet spy and then defected from the Soviet Underground. He survived to become a prominent writer and an editor at the then prestigious Time magazine. He went on to testify in the perjury case of Alger Hiss, often referred to as “The Trial of the Century.” He then wrote his memoir, the outstanding book “Witness.”

In that memoir he noted that “faith” moved Communist spies and traitors and that “in the final conflict, only equal faith can overcome them.”

He presciently observed of the United States: “’The process of dissolution going on within…the whole range of the old society’ becomes so violent ‘that a small section of the ruling class join us [in] the revolutionary class.’ When this happens, it is very late in the night of history, and in the life of nations.”

This is a chillingly accurate description of what is occurring in the United States today. As evidenced by the Democratic Party and its comrades in Big Tech, Big Media and Big Government, the ruling class is the revolutionary class, in the Soviet sense. The elites shamelessly use radicals and reprobates in the lower class to help them retain and increase power by demonizing and savaging those in the productive, patriotic middle class. This is clearly seen in the statements and actions of those like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, aka “Pencil-Neck.”

 Chambers went on to state that what the Communist traitors and sympathizers sought was an “irreparable” severing of “that faith between man and man which is the arterial pulse of community.” This is exactly what the critical race theory proponents, multiculturalists and intersectionality warriors seek to “achieve.”

As Chambers observed, “For henceforth the conspirator is indistinguishable from the man beside you. Security shatters, not because there are no more locks, but because the men naturally trusted with the keys and combinations are themselves the conspirators. The mere fact that the deserter, by an act of his own will, stands outside the control of the Communist Party is a threat. He must therefore expect that the party will act to remove the threat.”

Every aspect of this statement rings true today. It is, in fact, the very definition of “cancel culture.” Those in power in America today, from the Obama Harris Biden administration to the DOJ, CIA, FBI, Deep State, Media-Academic-Big Tech complex, and the ultra-rich CEOs of multi-national corporations, who we have trusted with the “keys” for far too long, are themselves the conspirators. And the mere fact that any individual, no matter how powerless, stands outside their control by an act of their own will is perceived as a threat to their hegemony.

Therefore, they must be…canceled.

To that, we have all been witness.



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