Saturday, March 6, 2021

The GayBCs


              A video recently surfaced on social media of a young child sitting on a woman’s lap reading from “The GayBCs,” a learning-the-alphabet book for kiddies by M.L. Webb. That’s right, The GayBCs. Now youngsters can learn about letters and the stringent LGBTQ agenda at the same time! Yay! An ad for the book states, “Now in board book format, a joyful alphabet book of LGBTQ+ vocabulary for kids of all ages!” (Kids of all ages? “Sit right down on grandpa’s lap, Jimmy, and let’s learn the alphabet the gay way!”) joyfully notes, “A playdate extravaganza transforms into a joyful celebration of friendship, love, and identity as four young friends sashay out of all the closets, dress up in a wardrobe fit for kings and queens, and discover the wonders of their imagination.” Who could be against joyful sashaying? It adds that the book includes “playful” illustrations. And it’s only $8.99 in the Kindle Store!

              But back to the video. It begins with the little boy reading aloud: “A is for…‘ally.’” The woman then introduces the rest of the letters. She prompts, “B is for…” and the child responds “bi.” Later the boy says C is for “coming out,” D is for “drag,” G is for “gay,” I is for “intersex,” L is for “lesbian,” N is for “non-binary,” Q is for “queer,” and T is for “trans” among other letter designations.

And there is “playful” expository text following the letter designations. "B is for 'bi,’” for example, is followed by: "You can shout it out loud. I like boys and girls, and that makes me proud." After "G is for 'gay,'" the text reads: "It's a word that implies you're a girl who likes girls or a guy who likes guys." And after "L is for 'lesbian'" comes, "It's love and affection between two special girls who share a connection." Share a connection, get it?  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

And this is probably just the first in a series of LGBTQ instructional books aimed at young kids. There could even be more GayBC books. The letters can stand for many different things. “A” could be for “Anogender” or “anus,” for example. D doesn’t just have to be for “drag,” it could stand for, say, “dental dam” as well. In fact, that’s a double D! Double the playfulness! P could be for polyamory. And so on. The possibilities are nearly as endless as the number of genders!

This is not meant as an anti-gay diatribe. It is an anti-asinine diatribe. Heterosexuals should not be teaching kids the alphabet with books that say, “D is for doggie-style,” “M is for missionary,” “S is for scrotum,” or “V is for vagina,” either. The difference is…they don’t.

Can’t there even be one effing alphabet we share, that binds us together, rather than dividing us? (Maybe binds us isn’t the right term in this context. Unites us?) Does there really need to be a different set of meanings or letter-associations for gays and straight people? How the hell did we get here? Soon kids will be so confused they won’t know whether to sit or stand when peeing. Worse, they won’t know why there were males and females to begin with. This is child abuse masquerading as instruction.

One thing is certain: “I is for ‘idiocy.’”




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