Friday, March 5, 2021

Obama Proudly Says He Once Assaulted Schoolmate


              A couple of “Bosses” have hooked up recently to enlighten the world via a new podcast called “Renegades: Born in the USA.” Former President Barack Obama and legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen, Ebony and Ivory 2.0, discuss socio-political issues on their new platform, one which I doubt would be afforded former President Donald Trump and, say, Kid Rock. The second episode of the enterprise featured the Dynamic Duo talking about racism. Imagine that. Obama whinily and preposterously tagged the "politics of white resistance and resentment" as the primary reason why he didn't push for reparations while he was in office before jauntily recalling how he physically assaulted a “friend” back in his school days. The “friend” allegedly called the President-to-Be a racial slur, prompting Obama to pop him in the face and break his nose. Obama admitted that his friend/tormentor might not even have known what the slur was, but claimed he knew it would hurt him. Obama reportedly chuckled whilst retelling the story and Springsteen praised him for his actions, saying, “well done.”

              This jibes with President Biden’s oft-asserted desire to “beat the hell out of” former President Trump for allegedly disrespecting women, a charge akin to Hitler proclaiming his disgust at a fellow Nazi’s treatment of Jews.

              It took less than five weeks for Biden to prove Trump and his supporters right by bombing Syria. You gotta love those loving, tolerant liberals!

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