Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Left's Coup Has Been Successful


              It was very sad, if sweetly so, seeing so many Trump supporters still holding out hope that he would somehow find a way to fend off his attackers and stay in office. For weeks after the election they would say things such as, “something big is coming,” or “he’s just waiting until the last minute to spring a trap on them.” In reality, the trap had long since been set, and was sprung on Trump and his supporters in the wee hours of November 4th and in the days that followed.

              The Left, including the vast majority of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, academia, and Big Tech, have worked long and hard to build redundant systems to ensure their latest victory is permanent. No I.D. is needed to vote in most precincts. Incredibly, over 42% of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election were by mail. There were countless brazen acts and numerous anomalies, all of which were essentially ignored.

Continued rapid demographic change thru immunity and massive illegal immigration will soon render all the aforementioned measures unnecessary.

And, the icing on the leftist cake: if any non-leftists try to complain about living under tyranny, they will promptly be threatened, silenced, cancelled, disappeared. If they resist, the “progressives” simply point at them and scream “radical, right-wing domestic terrorists!”

The Left’s coup has been successful, and now they have their fail-safes.

 That is what the patriotic political optimists didn’t—and don’t-- understand.

Game Over. Thanks for playing.

The End.


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