Thursday, March 4, 2021

Texas, Mississippi Free Their Citizens


The governors of Texas and Mississippi recently joined those of Florida and South Dakota in releasing their citizens from unconstitutional tyranny by “allowing” businesses to fully reopen and removing mask mandates for individuals.

This prompted President Biteme Biden to lambast the governors for engaging in “Neanderthal thinking.” Yes, that’s how far we have fallen, how far we have travelled down the road to dependence, degeneracy…and Gomorrah. Democrats now feel comfortable characterizing rulers “permitting” the people to go to work, feed their families, and breath freely as reactionary. Incredibly, so-called “Progressives” now see freedom as the product of “Neanderthal thinking.”

So say it loud and let it ring, Democrats are once again the party of slavery.

Good for Texas, Mississippi, Florida and South Dakota. The rest of us, of all races, need a Second Emancipation Proclamation.


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