Monday, March 8, 2021

Cuomo Brothers Criticized


              What a pair.

              Of Cuomos, that is. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) is in hot water after multiple credible charges of sexual harassment have been levied against him by, at last count, five different women. Andrew, though issuing a sort of apology recently, is utterly determined to hold on to his power, saying “There is no way I resign.” He claimed that if his actions made the young women “uncomfortable,” they were “unintentional.” He said he felt “awful” about the allegations and admitted to being “embarrassed,” and seemed to feel that this should be reason enough to allow him to stay in office. Oddly enough, or by someone’s design, the charges of harassment have completely overshadowed the deaths of thousands of elderly that were caused by the governor’s decision to place people infected with COVID-19 into nursing homes. And his administration’s actions to hide the real number of fatalities from the public.

              Meanwhile, Andrew’s brother Chris, a CNN host, claimed he “obviously” couldn’t cover the harassment allegations against his brother. CNN apparently feels it “obviously” can’t cover allegations against any Democrat, so it’s not surprising in that sense, though the two Cuomos have frequently frolicked and cavorted on air over the past year or more. Chris has taken some heat himself for his recent antics with friend and fellow CNN host Don Lemon. While speaking with Lemon on March 5th, Chris inexplicably began singing the theme song for "Good Times," a CBS sitcom featuring American television’s first Black two-parent family that aired in the 1970s. This prompted Lemon to say, "How do you know the words to 'Good Times?’” To which Cuomo quickly replied, "You know I'm black on the inside.” That remark, naturally, led to claims of “appropriation.”

              Chris is, apparently, an Oreo in reverse, white on the outside and black on the inside. Both Cuomos should be red all over.

              What a pair, indeed. 

              Sounds like something Andrew might say.


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