Sunday, March 14, 2021

Democrats Set On Tyranny


 Senate Democrats successfully rejected numerous Republican efforts to reshape the $1.9 trillion dollar pandemic stimulus package so that more of the money goes to Americans most directly affected by the virus. The bill passed as originally crafted by Democrats, with the vast majority of the aid going to their loyal constituents and sycophants, including hundreds of billions for k-12 education, colleges and universities, the National Endowment for the Arts and “nonprofit” organizations such as Planned Parenthood. And there is a little something in the bill for convicted felons and illegal aliens, as well, namely the same $1,400 stimulus checks that law-abiding American citizens might get. Several Republican Senators introduced amendments that would have prevented criminals from being rewarded with taxpayers’ money, but their efforts were shot down. The bill was ultimately passed, 50-49, without support from a single Republican Senator. Remember Georgia?

This is a breathtakingly bold scam in an age of scams. Only 9% of the money pledged in a “COVID relief bill” is being specifically directed towards COVID relief. The other 91% is essentially being spent on a wide-ranging campaign to re-elect Democrats.

Think of this from the perspective of hard-working American taxpayers. They are getting $1,400 of their own money back, while subsidizing felons and those in the country illegally. And this in return for getting socked with—at minimum-- an additional $5,750 in (per capita) debt! Won’t that be fun for their kids and grandchildren? Planned Parenthood may need those extra dollars. This is mindboggling. It should be a lead story on every news show and in every newspaper. But it isn’t, and won’t be, because the press is 100% in the tank for Democrats and the rising tide of Marxism rolling over the United States. They are so besotted with themselves and the coming Rule of Elites that they don’t realize that they have literally become the enemy of the people. Or at least ordinary people from “flyover country.” You know, the ones that feed them and produce the energy that they use to travel, heat and cool their homes, and power the machinery necessary for them to continuously mock and savage the deplorables who dare to disagree with them.

And this isn’t even the most sordid bill Democrats have passed recently. HR-1 would effectively abolish the notion of states rights, banning states from requiring identification of any kind to vote and otherwise restricting states’ ability to manage their voting rules. This unprecedented federal power grab would also mandate universal voting rights for felons, place further restrictions on free speech, and permanently protect election fraud. This bill, which the Democrats have been working on for some time now, was originally termed the “For the People Act of 2019,” and is an attack on the fundamental principles of our republic. An updated and far more accurate name would be the “Screw the People Act of 2021.” This is a preposterously biased—and dangerous-- piece of legislation, one which never would have had a chance to metastasize if we had a free press and a consequently informed populous. Ironically, there is more information available to more people today than ever before, but an inordinately high percentage of people appear to be dumber and/or less knowledgeable about important issues than at any time in our history. And more timid.

The Covid relief bill, HR-1, the unprecedented number of Executive Orders signed by President Biden, the fences and troops around the White House, and the unending attacks on conservative thought and traditional values are stunning in their totality. This is the stuff of tin-pot dictators and medieval monarchies. Labeling conservatives as “deplorables,” or saying of them “the enemy is within” is not substantively different than saying, “Off with their heads” or “Let them eat cake.” Has any previous group of would-be totalitarians ever acted so quickly and boldly? Chairman Mao? Pol Pot?

Yesterday, House Democrats gave felons $1,400 stimulus checks. Today, they’re making it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase a firearm. And at the same time, they are trying to defund the police. Yet, incredibly, House Democrats just REJECTED an amendment that would have required ICE to be notified if an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun.

“Crime of the Century” doesn’t adequately describe what Democrats have done to this country in the few short weeks since Trump was deposed. In plain sight-- and with a sneering contempt for non-elitists—they have set about erasing the Western Canon. They have figuratively shat on everyone from Plato and Socrates thru Montesquieu, Locke, Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson. And all of those who fought and died for the freedoms we are now so cavalierly letting our rulers strip from us.

Democrats have set about replacing the Declaration of Independence with the Declaration of Dependence, the Bill of Rights with a Bill of Goods.

They have canceled Trump, Dr. Seuss, Aunt Jemima, Mr. Potato head, and countless others. Their mindless robotic followers practice the most extreme forms of intolerance…and methodically try to hollow out the careers, hearts, minds, and souls of others.  They wage relentless and unconditional war on traditional wisdom and families.

This is not your father’s or grandfather’s Democratic Party. Today’s Democrats are tyrants in tyrant’s clothing. They are intent on robbing us of our past and stealing our future. They want to replace America with its opposite.

They are shockingly good at being evil.



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