Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Culture Of Lies


Almost everything you are being told to believe is a lie.

The mainstream media has long since chosen sides and will brazenly cover up anything that could reflect poorly on Democrats, yet will assiduously traffic in any and all innuendo, hearsay, and slander that they feel will harm Republicans/conservatives/Trump supporters. They gleefully promulgate prevarication in their unending quest to damage Democrats’ political opponents. Hatred-addled late night television hosts compete to see who can spout the most ignorant inanities. Colleges and universities no longer care about providing their students a well-rounded, classical education. They care only of indoctrinating them into the anti-West, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian ideology of multiculturalism and Critical Race Theory, or CRT. Big, multinational corporations now reflexively parrot the false rot emanating from Big Academia. And Big Tech now silences, stifles and cancels anyone who believes in the founding principles of the United States, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. Together they have become the Father of Lies. Don’t believe them.

And what are they lying about, you ask? Virtually everything. They claim that if a white person eats, makes or sells a taco, for instance, that it is a form of “cultural appropriation.” No, it means they like tacos. It is a compliment to the culture that originally produced them. It is the same for white people who are fond of blues music. Is it likewise “appropriation” if a Black person wears Levi’s jeans or anyone outside of China utilizes a printing press? Should Johannes Gutenberg be reviled for making improvements on same? For that matter, should the rest of the world be prohibited from climbing in an airplane, eating at McDonalds or drinking Budweiser, all American inventions? But wait, beer wasn’t invented in America, nor was the U.S. even around when it was commonly consumed elsewhere on the planet, so maybe Anheuser-Busch should never have been allowed to appropriate it. What is appropriate appropriation? Hmm?

Yet, those advancing a leftist, progressive agenda want nothing more than to make everyone believe that a man who wishes to be a woman is a woman and vice-versa. This is the ultimate appropriation! To think that one can simply take another sexes’ identity with impunity and be praised for it is mind-boggling. Especially since it is impossible.

We have all been conditioned to believe that tolerance is the highest virtue when in fact it is not a virtue at all. It is neither good nor bad on its face. But our society has fallen into the Tolerance Trap. We give everyone but ourselves a pass for any behavior whatsoever but have come to believe that we are born of colonialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., even as we are—demonstrably—the most diverse and successful nation in history. Elites tell us that any time the United States acts outside of its porous borders it is guilty of colonialism, yet simultaneously aver that the U.S. must allow everyone else from around the world to come here without hindrance or question. You get what you tolerate, whatever that may be, including rape, murder, female genital mutilation, or totalitarianism.

We were told not to refer to COVID-19 as the Wuhan Flu, as that would be racist, and besides, there was absolutely no concrete evidence that it really came from China. We were told that the throngs of Antifa and BLM members rioting in the streets of America all last summer were really noble members of the “resistance” to the evil Orange Man. And then we were told that the protesters who breached the Capitol building on January 6th were intent on an “insurrection,” even though none of the “insurrectionists” ever fired a shot and the only people killed that day were Trump supporters, including an unarmed female former Air Force veteran.

We were informed that most of our jobs really weren’t “essential,” whether we thought they were or not. The response to the coronavirus pandemic, including lockdowns and social distancing, devastated small businesses from coast to coast. Small businesses had always been the backbone of America, employing as much as 90% of its workforce, but the elites couldn’t care less. Then the riots hit…and the elites couldn’t care less…urged them on, in fact. Because, though the pandemic was such an existential threat to the planet that they had to keep the rest of us from leaving our homes, the riots that burned and looted small businesses across the nation were a healthy, indeed necessary, response to the existential threat of white privilege. In truth, the lockdowns, riots and the Democrats’ coup de’ gras, the push for a $15 an hour minimum wage are all designed to crush small businesses, whose owners and employees tend to be conservative, while paving the way for giant corporations to further consolidate their power.

We need to see all of this for what it is, an attempt by the “Democratic” powers that be to eliminate all opposition/competition while continuing to strengthen their own power and that of their sycophants in Big Tech, Big Business, Big Academia and Big Media. All while telling us they have our best interests in mind. The U.S. is now an oligarchy run by our elite masters. And don’t look to “RINOs” for help. To use an old expression, RINOs are as useless as teats on a boar. Though, come to think of it, that boar may now identify as a sow. In any case, establishment Republicans are weak and impotent.

We have arrived at a point where stating obvious, verifiable truths, such as “a woman is a woman,” can get us mocked, attacked, or fired. There is only one viable alternative.

 These are difficult truths to recognize or admit-- but doing so is a necessary first step if we hope to ever again be set free.



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