Saturday, March 13, 2021

Gallup Survey Finds Ranks Of LGBTQ Swelling


              A new Gallup survey of U.S. adults from Generation Z found that approximately one in six identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.  The survey of those born between 1997 and 2002, conducted throughout 2020, found that a staggering 16% identified as something other than heterosexual. 72% of this group labeled themselves bisexual. This would mean that 11.5% of all Generation Z adults in the U.S. claim to be bisexual, while roughly 2% each identify as gay, lesbian or transgender, according to Gallup.

              These findings highlight the trend of rapidly increasing LGBTQ identification in America. The same survey, unsurprisingly, found that those from younger generations were “far more likely” to consider themselves to be anything but a stuffy old boring reactionary heterosexual. This, of course, tracks with—and is a result of—the massive changes to American society in recent decades. The collapse of Christianity, the increased drug use, the legalization of gay marriage, the raising up of tolerance as the only virtue and the simultaneous denigration of nearly everything traditionally considered to be virtuous have inexorably led to this result.

              Shockingly, the survey found that LGBT identification among Generation Z adults was nearly double that of Millennials, America’s second youngest generation (born between 1981 and 1996), of whom only 9% identified as LGBT. Which was more than double that of those comprising Generation X, those born between 1965 and 1980, less than 4% of whom identified as LGBT in the survey. The percentage of those identifying as LGBT was even less for each previous generation polled. Overall, the percentage of U.S. adults identifying as LGBT jumped to 5.6%, up from Gallup's previous estimate of 4.5% in 2017, a mere 3 years ago.

              If the ranks of heterosexuals keep plummeting and the size of the LGBT community keeps doubling every generation, we may be extinct well before the turn of the next century. Kind of puts global warming hysteria in perspective.

              If the majority of us lose the inclination, instinct, motivation, desire, ability, stomach—or balls—to reproduce, it will be a population bust rather than a population bomb that does us in. Tolerance and wokeness will have done what wars, disease and climate change could not.




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