Monday, March 23, 2020

Democrats Block Coronavirus Relief Bill-- Again

                Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer somehow managed to sink to a new low during negotiations over a coronavirus emergency relief bill. They and their fellow Democrats blocked passage of the Senate Republican stimulus package for the second time in as many days. Instead, Pelosi introduced her own bill, one filled with a laundry-list of special interest agendas and progressive programs utterly unrelated to fighting the coronavirus or easing the financial pain and suffering of families and businesses. Rather, Pelosi’s bill calls for compulsory same-day voter registration and would force federal agencies to report to Congress on how they are increasing their usage of “minority banks.” It would require the reporting of racial and pay statistics for corporate boards and industry employment figures by race. It would provide for the automatic extension of non-immigrant visas and prevent colleges from providing authorities information about citizenship status. It would require every corporation that receives coronavirus aid to have officers and a budget specifically dedicated to diversity and inclusion initiatives for a minimum of five years. And, as Tucker Carlson noted, the bill “is suffused with the cruel bigotry of identity politics. At a time when America so desperately needs to come together, Democrats remain intent on splitting this country into warring tribes, It’s shocking.” Pelosi’s bill uses the terms “diverse” or “diversity” more than 60 times.
                Her bill seeks to protect Planned Parenthood, strengthen sanctuary cities and keep the borders open. And it mandates that airlines achieve a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. 
                None of these things will help to prevent the spread of coronavirus or help anyone who is affected by it. In fact, many will do the opposite. Climate change initiatives, identity politics, and ballot harvesting is all the Democrats know. They don’t give a rat’s ass about most Americans. They care far more about helping their future voting base survive and prosper, i.e. “undocumented aliens.” That’s why they so desperately want open borders and sanctuary cities, two things that help spread diseases not fight them. Planned Parenthood? Well, I guess if Democrats eventually agree to help save some folks they want the leeway to exterminate others. And, just as the airlines have been devastated by the coronavirus (less than two decades after nearly being wiped out by 9/11) they want to impose costly, nearly unattainable restrictions on them. In a sane world this would be unbelievable.
                Imagine if the Democrats had proposed a similar emergency relief bill and Republicans had blocked it on consecutive days because they wanted to use the crisis to achieve their political goals. The Democrats—and the media—would scream bloody murder. And they would be right to do so.
                At the same time Democrats shout “We’re all gonna die! Trump must do more! This is a unique and existential crisis!” they coldly and calculatedly refuse to do anything to alleviate it…unless they can enhance their own power.
                That is sick.

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