Tuesday, March 24, 2020

If Today's CNN & MSNBC Had Covered The Attack On Pearl Harbor

If Today’s CNN Or MSNBC Covered The Attack On Pearl Harbor…Live, Sunday, December 7, 1941


CNN Newsroom: “Well there is certainly something happening here. You can see on the screen there are many planes above Pearl Harbor, many dropping what appear to be bombs towards the U.S. fleet, some strafing the airfield. This does not appear to be a drill. Over to Brian Stelter now…Brian, what’s your best guess as to what’s going on here?”

Stelter: “Well, Don, we don’t want to jump to conclusions or cast aspersions, but the planes appear to be Japanese ‘Zeros.’ That is not meant to be, in any way, a comment on intelligence or relative worth we should add. Nor is it directed at those with limited or no achievements. No hate speech here. What I can tell you is that this may well be an elaborate ruse by white supremacists in costume and flying planes carefully made up to look like the graceful Japanese Zeros from the Empire of Japan, or ‘Dai Nippon Teikoku’ as the Japanese themselves refer to their ancient and beloved homeland.”

MSNBC Live with Katy Tur (looks downtrodden): “I am told we have confirmation that it is, indeed, the Japanese that are bombing Pearl Harbor. Lawrence, what is your take on this tragedy? Could it be a simple case of misidentification?”

O’Donnell: “Katy, while that’s certainly plausible, I believe that we brought the attack on ourselves with our unwillingness to sell them enough oil at decent prices…capitalism you know. It’s always about the Benjamins, the cash. Disgusting really.”

The following morning…

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: “We’ve all heard about the…um…occurrence at Pearl Harbor yesterday, but what we are hearing now is even more depressing. Apparently, in the wake of the…dust up…many Americans are refusing to eat at Japanese restaurants. Mika, if that’s true…my God, that’s horrible!”

Brzezinski: “It’s despicable, Joe. These xenophobic, racist bigots make me sick! And ashamed to be an American. Sadly, this is the big story today.”

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