Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coronavirus Being Used As Trojan Horse

Multiple reports indicate that the Chinese Communist government is putting out fake news and going to great difficulty to make it appear to outsiders as if they have nearly defeated the coronavirus and are returning to business as usual. The Chinese government has allegedly forced many businesses to leave their lights on and machinery running, and to falsify staff attendance logs, as well, to make it appear that things are returning to the status quo. This is yet another example of why communist and authoritarian countries are so dangerous. This willingness to hide facts and information, in order to make themselves and their systems look good, led to countless needless deaths at the outset of the outbreak, spawning economic suicide and untold misery around the world. This latest charade will not help matters, either.

In their own way, progressives and leftists with their political correctness-at-all-costs mindset have a similar deleterious effect. We can’t say this, you can’t say that, I can’t use this word, etc., etc. They wish to hide or deny the obvious, pull down statues, rewrite history, and pretend they are the virtuous ones. They demand we use the “correct” pronouns as determined by the whims of any given individual, biology be damned. Priests and pastors are threatened with boycotts, fines or suspensions—even jail time—for reciting Bible verses that may be “problematic” and challenge the beliefs or behavior of certain identity groups.

But truth is not the enemy, but the one thing that can set us all free.

Yet we have chosen to imprison ourselves. Why?

How different our reaction to this virus from all that came before. Why? What will happen in the future? With precedent set, will we shut down the planet and all self-quarantine every other winter? Every winter? Every time a new virus is discovered? Will the world go dark ever more frequently? Will this help or hurt life-expectancy in the long run? Will we lose any innate protections against the very viruses we are avoiding and dispense with our “herd immunities?”  Ironically, the world, particularly the West, is likely to come out of this crisis tragically and dramatically worse off than it was before, precisely because it had grown too prosperous, too healthy, too soft…and unwilling to risk exposure to any of the perils with which our ancestors routinely dealt.

 Earlier Americans, from The Founders and Abraham Lincoln to “the greatest generation” that weathered The Great Depression and World War II, believed that no foreign power/invader could ever take their country down. As Lincoln said, “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.” They were wrong as regards the Chinese Virus, the powerful yet diminutive foreign invader. But they were also right, in that we had to allow it to defeat us. Neither the Wuhan bug/Kung Flu nor the leftists could have taken us down had we bothered to put up a fight.

Who could’ve anticipated that the coronavirus would effectively be a trojan horse? This littlest of bugs is, deliberately and inadvertently, being used to weaken the United States and other Western democratic nations and terrorize their citizens into relinquishing many of their freedoms once and for all.

No one is disputing the serious health threat that COVID-19 assuredly poses. But we must not shy from the fact that leftists are using this tiniest of trojan horses in an attempt to finish off the erstwhile freest nation on Earth.

For, if we do, this nightmare is one from which we may never awaken.

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