Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A New March Madness

                We are living through a new kind of March Madness, one characterized not by college basketball mania, but by stir craziness and cabin fever brought on by coronavirus prevention measures such as self-quarantines and “social-distancing.” After a long winter, those of us in the north country are already desperate to shed our S.A.D., to get out of the house, to travel, to mingle, to party a bit. And now? No. Sadness, unease, fear of the unknown and anger mix with the cabin fever to form a truly virulent and unstable derangement in some, as evidenced by toilet paper shortages and calls to 911 to report them.
                It is said that April showers bring May flowers. Let us all pray that is true this spring. After such an extended—and enforced—period of cold, dark, and damp, we are all anxious to return color to our lives. Let the flowers bloom. And we will all step outside and turn our faces once more to the sun.


  1. Just what the doctor ordered. Please fill my prescription for the cure to March Madness!

    1. Yes. May there be light...warmth...color...hope!