Monday, March 30, 2020

Democrats Wrong About Everything Pertaining To The Coronavirus

It is interesting that the left blames Trump for all things coronavirus. Consider that everything progressives recommend makes the spread of disease faster and much more likely. Leftists want everyone to live in big cities, in multi-unit dwellings, the bigger and taller the better. They wish to de-emphasize or do away with the private automobile and herd everyone into various forms of mass transit public transportation. They would like to ban drive-throughs at fast food outlets, banks and pharmacies and make people enter these places of business and mingle together. They had already banned the use of disposable plastic bags in many localities. During this current pandemic, they have had to bring back the plastic bag and ban the use of the very reusable cloth bags of which they had been so fond due to their tendency to harbor potentially dangerous bacteria. You’d think they’d admit to having egg on their faces—as well as in their bags. But being progressive means never having to say you’re sorry, let alone wrong. This is why they still tout Socialism even after its 100-year track record of misery and death. Speaking of Socialism, “progressives” didn’t even want to ban travel to and from China as the COVID-19 pandemic was overtaking the globe. They said that would be xenophobic and bigoted…and brutalized President trump for doing so. How many more people would be sick and dying if he hadn’t? Leftists housing and drug policies have greatly exacerbated the homeless problem, which also aids and abets the spread of disease. And then there is their love of open borders and sanctuary cities. A perfect recipe for the needless introduction and distribution of sickness and affliction of every type. 
Every damn thing progressive Democrats (is there any other kind?) propose is wrong. Every policy prescription, every edict, every mandate. If we just did the opposite of whatever they propose to have us do, we would be immeasurably better off.
Still think they really care for people? Still believe them when they say things like, “even one death is too many?” (See also abortion and Planned Parenthood.) You shouldn’t, and they don’t. They only care about their ideas in a bubble. The same bubble in which they—and all their acquaintances-- live. They want to feel noble, superior to we troglodytes in fly-over country. That’s fine. Keep trying to lord your wokeness over us, you elitist frauds. Keep flying over us, too. Keep the diseases you nurture to yourself. That goes for the twin plagues of coronavirus…and Socialism.
(Labeling the coronavirus the China Flu is racist? Maybe we should go back to using the term “swine flu.” It’s been used before but would be particularly fitting in this case. We could name it for Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and all the rest of the Democratic scoundrels.)

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