Sunday, March 1, 2020

Scotland To Provide Free Feminine Hygiene Products

                The “Period Products Scotland Bill” was recently passed by the Scottish Parliament by a vote of 112 for and none against, with one abstention, Reuters reported. The bill provides “free” feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons to “anyone who needs them.” The items, which will be available in various public spaces, are expected to cost the government—meaning taxpayers—around $31 million annually. The measure makes Scotland the only country on Earth to provide free sanitary products to all women, though some say the U.S. could soon follow suit.
                Monica Lennon, the sponsor of the bill, touted the action as a “milestone moment for normalizing menstruation in Scotland and sending out that real signal to people in this country about how seriously parliament takes gender equality.” (I’m surprised progressives haven’t taken the “men” out of “menstruation” by now.) Lennon proposed the bill in response to a growing activist movement for gender-equality and against “period poverty,” the notion that not all women and girls can afford the products. The activists argued that it is the government’s responsibility to provide feminine hygiene products to the public. The Reuters report cited a pre-vote rally outside Scottish Parliament at which an attendee held up a sign reading, “Access to menstrual products is a right. Period.”
                No, it’s not. Exclamation point!
                Jefferson did not write of the right to “life, liberty, and free feminine hygiene products.” No doubt leftists will say this is merely proof of a callous, white male patriarchy. But passage of this bill is proof of the remarkable ease of life in the West, and an utter lack of existential crises. And the almost maniacal desire to be “woker than thou.” Perhaps virtue-signaling will soon be added to the list of Olympic sports.
                In reality, this is just another wealth transfer, in this case from men to women—and “trans men.” And a further transfer of power and responsibility from citizens to the nanny state.
                If equality was really the goal of progressives, they’d be fine with, say, Lindsey Graham introducing a bill to provide men with free “masculine hygiene” products. Why should males be burdened with “pate pauperism” or “package poverty?” Why shouldn’t the government pay for our shaving cream, razors and hair implant procedures? It certainly should foot the bill for men’s jock straps, nut cups, and Gold Bond powder, no? 
                What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Right?

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