Thursday, February 13, 2020

New York Art Exhibit: "Abortion Is Normal"

                “Abortion is Normal” was the title of a recent “art” exhibit in New York City. The exhibit was organized by the group “Downtown for Democracy” and was billed as an “urgent call-to-action exhibition to raise both awareness and funding in support of accessible, safe, and legal abortion” and featured a “heterogeneous array of artists countering with their personal response to abortion and abortion access in order to create an inclusive and empathetic entry point to this conversation.” This raises the age-old question: “WTF?!?!” Was an actual abortion performed at the exhibit and termed “performance art?”
                Organizers intended to use the show, which ran through the month of January, to combat anti-abortion sentiment and raise money for Planned Parenthood. Apparently, the half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding the organization receives each year is not enough for the nation’s largest—and greediest—abortion mill.
                Downtown for Democracy is an odd name for a group that obviously doesn’t care about the little guy—or gal—and doesn’t give them a say (vote) in the small matter of whether they live or die. The group says the exhibit’s message is “intended as a statement of camaraderie and caring that in short says: ‘What you choose to do with your body is OK.’” Which is complete bullshit. As I’ve often noted, you can’t get drunk and drive your own body home, you can’t steal somebody else’s money, you can’t even walk into a convenience store and buy a pack of cigarettes with your own body if you are under 18. And you certainly can’t take another innocent person’s life with your own body. This is perhaps the stupidest argument in the long history of leftist insanity. And that’s saying something. But that doesn’t stop “pro-choice” advocates from averring that abortion is a “basic human right.” No, it isn’t. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are “basic human rights,” which necessarily means that there is no right, basic or other, to deprive someone else of their life. Slavery and abortion both violate the legitimate rights of other human beings.
                Incredibly, Downtown for Democracy was at pains to explain that the word “normal” in the exhibit’s title was not used in an “ableist” sense. Because, you know, that would be offensive and wrong.
                Proceeds from the event were given to “voter education and advocacy efforts,” meaning the Democratic Party. Helen Holmes, of England’s The Observer, “the world’s leading liberal voice,” happily observed that the exhibit featured “a true murderers’ row of incredible artwork for sale.” Well, at least she’s honest. Vomit. And I bet she’s an anti-capitalist. Sickening doesn’t begin to describe her description. The Abortion Is Normal website (non-ableist!), and several others which will go unmentioned here, displayed several examples of the event’s “art,” much of which is sexual in nature, including nude photographs. Imagine that. In addition, there were paintings of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (thankfully not nude), and figures bedecked in “Thank God for abortion” shirts. No, we thank God for life, in this world and, hopefully, the next-- and for all eternity. There were also delightfully witty bon mots such as, “Dear Judge Kavanaugh, if you don’t like abortions don’t get one.”
Yes, and if you don’t like murder…don’t commit one.

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