Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Woman's Right To Choose

                                                            A Woman’S Right To Choose

            You fascist hatemonger! Intolerant bastard! How dare you try to take away a woman’s right to choose??!


             Just as she can choose to walk around naked in a Walmart (well, maybe in San Francisco), take a crap on Nancy Pelosi’s shoes, or go 80 miles-per-hour in a 35 miles-per-hour zone. (And none of those necessarily hurt- let alone kill anybody).

             She can choose to smoke crack whilst pregnant. Why would that upset anyone? Just gettin’ an early start on the abortion for cripes sake!

            She could choose to rob a bank or club a few hundred baby seals to death. So what?
  Certainly she can choose to have 8 or ten drinks and get in her car and try to drive home. It's her damn right to do whatever she pleases with her body. Who could deny that?

            She could choose to join the Tea Party or question global warming. OMG…I’m sorry, that was over-the-top, uncalled for, I know!

            A woman’s right to abort her kid must be in the constitution somewhere. Bill of Rights? Eleventh Amendment…how many were there again? It must be a positive right amongst those silly negative ones,  the ones the government can’t deny you because they are ‘endowed by our creator, yada yada yada’. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (Odd,  I don't remember the right to prevent life, even after it's started).

            Funny, babies are the ultimate minority, helpless and poor. Just how liberals like them. Hasn’t earned a cent yet. Yet they call them ‘fetuses’. Hey, labels… disable. Perhaps a need for ‘sensitivity’ training?

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