Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Delaware State University Bans Snowball Fights

                Delaware State University is forbidding its students from throwing snowballs. School officials say that snowball fights have the potential to harm those on campus. This “rule” is specifically outlined in the college’s Division of Student Affairs Student Judicial Handbook, under the “personal violations” category. (One of this writer’s favorites). It can be found amongst other violations such as “making threats of violence or intimidation,” and “being in the bath/shower areas of the opposite sex,” according to The College Fix. That can’t be correct. Being in the bath/shower areas of the opposite sex is de rigueur. All you have to do is say you identify as a member of the opposite sex. Duh.
                But back to snowballs.
                Students who violate rules in the Student Code of Conduct at the University of Delaware are subject to disciplinary action under the Student Judicial System. These reprobates are subject to, but not limited to, penalties such as warnings, “official” reprimands, community service, fines, disciplinary probation, and the death penalty, depending on the severity of their indiscretions. (Okay, I may have added that last one.)
                Delaware State also prohibits the “use [and] possession of water guns, Super Soakers, etc. on University premises or during university activities.” Students are additionally forbidden to wear “any item or items with the intention to intimidate, frighten, assault or harass others on University-owned or controlled property.” Well, I guess Maxine Waters masks are out of the question.
                Almost every known idea, action and object can now send a progressive into paroxysms of fear and loathing. If Nerf Super Soakers and snowball fights are outlawed, anything and everything can be outlawed.
    And that is precisely their intent.

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