Sunday, February 23, 2020

New York County To Ban Smoking In Private Homes?

                 WCBS-TV recently reported that lawmakers in Suffolk County, New York, are considering legislation that would ban smoking in private residences such as apartment buildings, condominiums, and multi-family homes. Democratic Legislator Sam Gonzalez is sponsoring a bill that would ban smoking in these private abodes. Gonzalez says that, if the bill is passed, offenders could be fined up to $1,000 per occurrence and face possible prosecution, as well.
                 This is yet another sign of the continuously expanding, ever-more intrusive nanny state. If lawmakers can ban the use—in private dwellings-- of a product or substance that is legal to manufacture, sell and consume, they can control every aspect of their constituents’ lives. Many citizens understandably believe the law goes too far, and, if passed, will be impossible to enforce. Gonzalez disagrees, stating, “It’s not going too far. We’re heading in that direction anyway,” noting that people already can’t smoke in places like restaurants and theaters. This is illustrative of the difficulty so-called “progressives” have in distinguishing between public and private property. Gonzalez then addressed those individuals who might have the temerity to challenge their big government masters: “When I get the pushback from individuals that say, 'No, you can't stop me from smoking,' I say, 'Why not?'" Scary.
                  Those in favor of the legislation say it would help prevent non-smokers from being exposed to second-hand smoke. Gonzalez told the New York Post that his intent is to protect human life, stating: "We need to protect the way of life of those individuals that want to live in their apartments smoke-free.” He noted that all citations will be complaint-driven. That’s just what we want, a newly created local version of the erstwhile East German Stasi, with neighbor reporting neighbor.
                The sheer hypocrisy of progressive legislators like Gonzalez is mind-boggling. The very same hectoring, elitist, do-gooders who want to ban cigarette smoking are passing legislation to legalize “recreational” pot-smoking all across the fruited plain. I guess the difference is, if you’re inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke, you can get a nice buzz, huh Sammy?
                Gonzalez, virtue-signaling and choking up just a bit, says he merely wants to protect human life? He is part of the same legislative body that recently voted to permit the killing of babies up until the moment of birth. He wants others to be able to lead a smoke-free lifestyle? How about being able to live, period?

                 Second-hand smoke?

     First-hand asininity. 

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