Friday, February 21, 2020

An American Devolution

                If the Democrats anger, bitterness, envy and resentment are an accurate indication of how a majority—or even a significant minority—of American citizens feel and think, America is, a priori, finished.
                The Founders must be devastated. We are rapidly devolving from a freedom-loving, Western-looking, pull-ourselves-up-by-our-own-damn-bootstraps people who went to the moon and back over 50 years ago (but never since), into a whining, sniveling, virtue-signaling, greedy, envious, entitled collection of disparate, pathetic, amoral, “social justice” warriors. We no longer countenance the Ten Commandments but are openly fond of the Seven Deadly Sins. Once proudly independent, far too many of us have morphed into punch-less, punch-drunk, impotent eunuchs not worth the tissue in which we are massed. The literal and figurative descendants of those that once conquered the most powerful military on Earth (now itself a sad shell of its former strength and glory) and a massive, unforgiving continent have allowed themselves to be infantilized, feminized, domesticated, enfeebled and enslaved by an elite and unaccountable political class of masters who promise them safety, ease and freedom from pain, challenge and inconvenience.
Where once we traveled from Lexington and Concord to Gettysburg and from Flanders Fields to Okinawa, we now run to our safe spaces and away from those who disagree with us. Rugged individualism has been supplanted by timid collectivism and group think. “Progressive” policies are destroying us from the inside. The Bernie Bros. among us would rather lecture and berate the successful than emulate them. They are naught but vile—and violent-- little pissants, incapable of rooting for others’ success or achieving their own.    
I am sorry, Mr. Franklin. I am sorry John, Sam, Thomas, James and Alexander. I apologize to all those who risked their lives, fortune and sacred honor to gift us the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of this or any other planet. I am particularly sorry, Mr. Washington. As the one indispensable man, the Father of Your Country, it must pain you beyond words to see it being torn asunder. The nation you sired, sir, is in transition. In fact, it is “trans” now. Betrayed by “educators” and a corrupt media (indoctrinators all), many of its citizens have lost their confidence and their purpose. Many are unable to tell good from evil, or worse, reverse their meanings. We’ve become a nation that no longer even knows what pronouns to use to describe itself.
In the past, we celebrated e pluribus unum, “out of many comes one.” We valued the concept of the individual over that of the group. We have reversed that, too. Today’s Democrats demand that out of one comes many. They don’t see—or wish to see—Americans. They see blacks, lesbians, Bisexual Latino women agnostics, etc., etc.
Ironically, “identity politics” has caused America to lose its collective identity.

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