Tuesday, February 18, 2020

California Considering Making Voting Mandatory

                There is a newly proposed bill pending in the formerly Golden State of California which would require registered voters to turn in a ballot, according to the Los Angeles Times. If enacted, Assembly Bill 2070 would “require a person who qualifies and is registered to vote to cast a ballot, marked or unmarked in whole or in part, at every election held within the territory within which the person resides.” The legislation also states, “The bill would require the Secretary of State to enforce this requirement.” There’s a whole lot of “requiring” going on here, without explicit delineation of what the punishment might be for disobeying the government’s coercion. There is a clear “quid pro quo” inherent in the bill: “Do as you are told and cast a ballot, and we won’t take punitive action against you.”
                Marc Levine (D-duh!), Assemblyman and author of the bill, cited examples of other countries that have compulsory voting laws, as if that is somehow relevant, and purported to be proposing the bill “with democracy on the line.” He is right in the sense that, if the bill passes, there will be no more democracy in California. If the government can force you to vote under penalty of law, it can force you to do anything else, as well, and this is not a hallmark of democracy. Democracy implies freedom, self-government, self-rule, self-determination.
                It is but a very short step from telling people they must vote to telling them how they must vote…and who they must vote for. (Oddly enough, these same politicians are pro-choice when it comes to issues like abortion.) The more people voting the better for progressives. This is why they have massive get out the vote drives and try to pass bills allowing felons—and now illegal aliens—to vote. They know that, historically, those who are incarcerated-- or are too lazy, stoned or ignorant to vote, vote for Democrats overwhelmingly when Democrats force/help them to do so. This bill is reminiscent of the Third Reich: “We have ways of, shall we say, convincing you to vote….ja?”

                A Canadian band once wrote a song with the following lyrics:

                If you choose not to decide
                You still have made a choice
                You can choose from phantom fears
                And kindness that can kill
                I will choose a path that’s clear
                I will choose free will
                In California, you may soon not have that choice. Leftist legislators may like Free Willy, but they are not fond of their subject’s free will.

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