Thursday, February 20, 2020

College Writing Center Told Not To Correct Writing

                The Evergreen State College (TESC) published and distributed handouts to all students and faculty stating of the school’s Writing Center: “Tutors are there to provide culturally sensitive feedback on writing (though not to correct grammar).” One of the handouts, titled “Resources at The Evergreen State College for Undocumented and DACA students,” also instructed educators and students to avoid using “hurtful language,” such as “illegal,” so as not to offend “undocumented” scholars. The second page of the document features an article tilted “10 ways you can support undocumented students at TESC.” (#10— Buy their lunches. #9—Let them borrow your parking and bus passes. #8—Don’t appropriate their method of dress. #7—When possible, speak their language. #6—Let them pass you in the hallways. #5—Tell them they look nice, but not in a creepy way. #4—Offer to do their laundry. #3—Take notes for them in class and at lectures, preferably in their native language. #2—Grant them small sexual favors. #1—DO NOT CORRECT THEIR GRAMMAR, SPEAKING OR WRITING!)

                The flyers list dozens of resources for “undocumented and DACA” students, including the college’s own Undocumented/Underserved Student Task Force (UUSTF), as well as many scholarship and financial aid opportunities. They also advised professors: “In supporting undocumented students, please do not try to guess who they might be in your classes,” but “give students full agency for when, where, how, and if to tell their stories.” Who the hell is going to try to “guess” who the illegal aliens are in the classroom? “Hey, Chico—yeah, you-- you come from ‘Mehico,’ right? Did you cross the border at night or pay a coyote?”
                Correcting student’s papers appears to be too old school now. Grades are not very tolerant and inclusive. So, let’s make sure “undocumented” students have the scholarships and financial opportunities to enable them to attend writing class. But let’s make a conscious effort not to correct their writing!
                That be almost, like, you know,… shit, how you say?... effed up or somethin’.

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