Monday, February 10, 2020

A Treatise On History And Economics By Renowned Scholar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A Treatise on History and Economics by Renowned Scholar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

                First of all, let me, like, say that I am like our first president, Thomas Washington, who told his dad about chopping down the berry tree and said, “I cannot tell a lie.” I, like, don’t like lying…or liars. So I always tell the truth. That’s why I’ve, like, got to tell you that Adam Hayek and Frederick Smith, the two famous Australian economists who thought capitalism and free markets were, like, good or something, were so wrong. Harpo Marx, in his great book “Das Krapital,” like so totally refuted the Australians that it’s not even funny. You know, a couple of our great progressive presidents, FDK and BJL, realized that it was up to the government to create a “Great Society” for the people. And, speaking of FDK, he was a great war leader, too. In fact, when he met with the head of the USSR, Nikita Stalin, and Britain’s Winston Spencer Hitler at Hotsdamn, Germany, near the end of World War I, he praised the USSR, much like Bernie Sanders, and realized we should model our economy after theirs. Unfortunately, after him, we had some not so progressive presidents like, like, Truman, White David (‘Dyke’) Eisenhower and Bobby Kennedy…before BJL. Then, when ‘Tricky Dick’ Reagan took office…………..


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