Thursday, February 27, 2020

Student Says Safe Space Too Welcoming

    American University has a “Hub for Organizing Multiculturalism and Equity.” According to the school’s student newspaper, at least one student thinks this “HOME” isn’t the perfect place for students of color to be. Why? The student opines, “HOME doesn’t provide people with a sense of security, with a sense of belonging, when everyone from all types of affinity groups can be there.” Say again?
                In other words, it’s too welcoming, too inclusive. Of non-minorities.
                While the director of the school’s University Center thinks the room exhibits “the principle that we’re all living under,” due to its “basic respect, basic agreement on civility and human rights,” some minority students want a less welcoming site. Sophomore Sam Liang said: “I understand why they would’ve opened it to everyone because exclusivity isn’t something that’s really garnered on campus, but it makes it feel like the point of it isn’t there anymore.” So, now progressives want to “garner” exclusivity? I’m so confused. It’s like the point of it isn’t there anymore. Or something.
                But, of course, the “point of it” is to generate safe spaces that are welcoming to—and inclusive of-- minorities, but not to those dastardly straight white males. Which is proved by the fact that some of the school’s young scholars are now clamoring for a living community intended solely for black students… to be dubbed the “Black House.”
                That’s fantastic! Let’s have a “black house,” a “yellow house,” a “brown house,” and a “red house.” Let’s have a house designated just for transgender Jewish bisexuals. Talk about inclusivity! Or is that exclusivity? Of course, autistic STEM Virgo sophomores who like jazz music will have to have their own safe space, too. They don’t feel “safe” around the rest of you.

                Identity politics is all the rule, baby! Multiculturalism owns the day. Screw the melting pot.

                At American University, as in America in general, the color of your skin and your perceived gender now trump the content of your character…… and our national identity.

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