Monday, February 24, 2020

California's War On Sanity

                The war between California and the Trump administration keeps ramping up by degrees. It started in earnest when the formerly Golden State’s governor, Gavin Newsom, petitioned the president for more housing vouchers last September. At the time, Newsom snarkily averred, “Shelter solves sleep, but only housing solves homelessness.” This is like saying, “only boats solve boatlessness” or “only brains solve brainlessness.” Cute, but devoid of substantive meaning. A truer—and more applicable-- phrase to address the state’s homeless crisis would be, “You can’t fix stupid.”
                Newsom’s appeal to Trump specifically requested he provide 50,000 more housing vouchers via two existing programs, while also increasing the value of said vouchers to offset rising rental costs. Trump’s EPA Administrator, Andrew Wheeler, responded by demanding California protect its water from pollution generated by homelessness in the erstwhile Land of Milk and Honey’s largest cities. Wheeler sent a letter to Gov. Newsom criticizing San Francisco, where Newsom was once mayor, for routinely discharging inadequately treated water sewage into the Pacific Ocean. In it, he noted that “Piles of human feces on sidewalks and streets” pose a threat to water quality and demanded that Newsom present him with a detailed plan to address the issue within 30 days. 
                The truth of the matter is that California’s progressive policies have brought on all of the state’s major problems. Rent control has proven as effective as gun control, pushing up costs of real estate dramatically as no one will build or manage dwellings from which they can’t make a profit. California has more homeless people within its borders than any other state. It has the starkest contrast between its poorest and wealthiest citizens. Fecal matter and used hypodermic needles line the streets of San Francisco and some areas of other large cities like Los Angeles. Many people have fled the state altogether.
    Nothing will solve the homeless problem but a return to Judeo-Christian values and the Protestant work ethic, coupled with an educational system that doesn’t indoctrinate kids into thinking that their country sucks and their only hope is to take government aid and vote for Democratic-Socialists. It would also be beneficial if the state didn’t subsidize, encourage and reward lawlessness while continuing to legalize destructive substances such as marijuana and magic mushrooms. Oh, and if it stopped passing out free hypodermic needles for heroine users, they might not end up littering the streets. Moreover, if it ceases pursuing Venezuelan-esque policies, it may yet avoid becoming another resource-rich, but utterly failed state.

                That is the unvarnished truth, or, in military terms, “a no-shitter.”

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