Thursday, January 3, 2019

Professor Suspended For Telling Students To Be Respectful

                The University of Texas-San Antonio conducted an investigation into Anita Moss, a white biology instructor, ultimately faulting her for telling her students to “be respectful in class.” My God, the horror! Next, she’ll be asking them to look both ways before crossing the street! It’s a slippery slope, indeed! The nutty professor reportedly repeatedly asked her pupils to take their feet off of chairs, put away their cell phones and not talk too much in class. Can you say “electric chair?” Seems like a proportional response to such heinous crimes.
                Ms. Moss’s real downfall came after she called campus police on one frequently and particularly disruptive student, who happened to be black. Another student posted a video of campus police leading the disruptive student away. Naturally, the tweet went viral, and many who saw it simply assumed Moss’s actions were racially motivated. What else could they be? The school was showered with negative publicity. The student who posted the video said Moss complained that the incivility of some students was leading to a reduction in classroom instruction time for others, but that she thought Moss might just have a bruised ego.
                Professor Moss has been banished from the classroom for the semester, given three years of probation, and been required to undergo “classroom management training.” For exercising proper classroom management? That’s kind of ironic. What will she learn in classroom management training? That her students should be allowed to toss frisbees around, watch Netflix on their I-Pads, chat loudly, and throw spitballs while eating salted-in-the-shell peanuts and drinking beer? Traditionally, those were the sorts of things they did after class. We know preparing kids to be stalwart social justice warriors is far and away the number one mission of higher education today, but is getting a quality education even in the top 10?! The inmates will really run the asylum now.
                Howard Grimes, the interim dean of the school’s College of Sciences, issued a report stating that Moss had no history of classroom mismanagement, and, in fact, qualified as an “excellent professor,” as judged both by internal faculty evaluations and external student reviews on Numerous students interviewed said Moss was one of the best instructors they had at UTSA.
                The student on whom Moss called the police never filed a complaint and has, to her credit, subsequently apologized to Moss for her behavior.

                Meanwhile, Professor Moss has been sent to re-education camp.

                Ask not for whom the gulag comes, it comes for thee.

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