Saturday, January 26, 2019

Roger Stone And Robert Mueller Star In An American Farce

                Now that the unholy reign of Robert (Swan) Mueller III, Special Counsel, has been extended for six months, I am keen to guess what over-the-top banana republic tactic he tries next. Nothing would surprise me, since he has already authorized multiple pre-dawn raids by dozens of heavily armed swat team types with numerous vehicles to snatch loan targets from the beds of their homes rather than simply issuing a subpoena or contacting their lawyer. Moreover, the latest Blitzkrieg-like onslaught whisked Roger Stone away in front of perfectly pre-positioned CNN cameras. How fortuitous was it that a CNN crew happened to be ensconced in Stone’s yard in the pre-dawn darkness? I can picture Mueller, in Cecile B. DeMille fashion, shouting into the ears of the CNN cameraperson as Stone comes flying out his door: “Roll em! That’s good, that’s good…keep it going…and…cut! That’s a wrap! Nice job, boys!”
                Granted, Stone is a clown. But, if allegedly lying to Congress is grounds for a military style assault on the accused/indicted, then the Clintons should have faced the equivalent of the “D-Day” invasion.
I would no longer be surprised if, instead of just issuing a subpoena to someone else tangentially acquainted with the president, the Director of Predestination decided to have, say, Dennis Prager and Dan Bongino executed by fire from an anti-aircraft gun, ├ála Kim Jong-un. The American left would be fine with that, and conservatives wouldn’t be able to mount an effective defense of either, with some in the establishment wing of the Republican Party saying they had it coming to them.
Strange days are these in the formerly representative republic. It’s a bit mindful of Germany circa the late 1930s. We are heading into a long, dark Kristallnacht II…80-plus years after the original, with conservatives replacing Jews as the Deplorables.  

I myself made it through another day without being the victim of a pre-dawn raid by Herr Mueller’s henchmen, but perhaps He rests on the Sixth Day. (This being a Saturday).  

The CNN crew in my yard was disappointed. 

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