Sunday, January 6, 2019

Planned Parenthood Discriminates Against Pregnant Employees

                Planned Parenthood is a hostile working environment for pregnant women, according to a New York Times exposé. Pregnant women employees of Planned Parenthood often face discrimination and pressure to work longer hours than what is healthy for themselves and their babies, according to the Times. And, they do not get paid maternity leave. Imagine that.
                This certainly gives the lie to the organization’s name, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention.
                Former employees of the company told the Times that women were scared to tell their supervisors they were pregnant. One said that “It was looked down upon for you to get pregnant,” noting that supervisors didn’t even have to say that “for us to feel it.” Another said that supervisors openly debated the likelihood that a candidate for a promotion would get pregnant, in violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Yet another stated that managers ignored her doctor’s notes recommending that she take frequent breaks due to her high blood pressure threatening her pregnancy. Instead, she was pushed to work longer hours. She was eventually placed on bed rest and gave birth via an emergency C-section weeks earlier than expected. Then, only 8 weeks into her 12-week pregnancy leave, she began receiving phone calls from Planned Parenthood urging her to return to work.
                “Planned Parenthood” is a smokescreen, a euphemism. It couldn’t be further from the truth. A more accurate name for the organization would be “Parenthood Prevention” or “Planned Parenthood Prevention.” Or, to paraphrase an old George Carlin bit, “Womb Broom Organization” or “Papa Stopper Federation of America.” The true nature of the institution should make any decent person take a pregnant pause before deciding to champion its cause.
                This celebrated benefactor of “women’s health” turns out to be one of the most egregious serial discriminators against females imaginable. If it’s not exterminating female babies in the womb, it’s brutally treating its female employees who’ve had the temerity and bad judgment to want to start a family.
                This is as if the Humane Society punished its employees for having pets, only even more despicable. And it is yet another glaring instance of progressive’s callousness and hypocrisy.

                Equal opportunity butcher? Yes. Equal opportunity employer? Not so much. 

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