Thursday, January 17, 2019

Steph Curry Doubts Moon Landings

                Steph Curry, the fabulous Golden State Warrior point guard, is now also famous for his unwillingness to believe the U.S. actually landed on the moon. Even once. Curry was a recent guest on the “Winging It” podcast, during which he asked if the show’s three hosts (and teammate Andre Iguodala) believed man ever truly landed on the moon. He promptly agreed with their dubiousness. This led NASA to invite the NBA champion to tour one of its lunar labs and examine the evidence.
                In early 2017, Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving asserted that the Earth is flat, eschewing all evidence to the contrary accrued in the roughly 2,500 years since Pythagoras first figured out the Earth is an orb-like body. Irving, apparently, had never looked at images of his own planet taken by satellites, and probably didn’t believe in the Harlem Globetrotters, either, perhaps thinking that the Harlem Disc-trotters would be a more scientifically accurate name. (He has since recanted his heresy).
                In related news, many other professional athletes have recently voiced their doubts about conventional historical wisdom, with several averring that the Holocaust never happened, a few stating that they don’t believe World War II occurred, three dismissing the account of the Hindenburg disaster, two saying Lincoln was never assassinated and one vehemently asserting that the moon is made out of cheese, but that it too, is flat, rather like a cheese wheel.
                Ironically, all of the above do believe in man-caused global warming and the Tooth Fairy.

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