Monday, January 28, 2019

Queering The Bible

                “Queering” things is all the rage on campuses across the ever fruitier plain. Eugene Lang College of the New School for Liberal Arts in New York City, for example, is offering a course titled “Queering and Decolonizing Theology,” in which students can learn about “transgender Christs.” Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, the University of San Francisco, and Harvard’s Divinity School are all offering similar classes. At California’s Pomona College, students can take a course called “Queering Childhood,” and another called “Queer Theory and the Bible,” which will instruct students how to read the Bible “through queer theory.” The latter’s course description states that students will examine “discourses of heteronormativity” and that, “We will also look at the ways in which these discourses and the identities they shore up can be ‘queered,’ as well as at biblical texts that can be read as queer friendly. This process of queering will allow and require us to approach the biblical text in new ways.” The class is considered a “Religious Studies” course and is worth a credit.
                A couple of Pomona students told Campus Reform that there is high demand for these types of courses, largely due to the pervasive left-wing campus culture. One noted that students don’t seem to want to learn from any conservative professors (as rare as they may be) while exclaiming: “I’m glad that Pomona provides its professors with the academic freedom to teach courses on challenging and potentially controversial subjects.” Right. There’s a reason conservative professors on these campuses are rarer than virgins at the Burning Man festival. I’m sure Pomona would encourage potentially controversial courses touting the virtues of gun ownership, the pro-life movement, or capitalism. And where can students sign up for the course titled: “Queering the Koran?”
                Revisionist scholars and LGBTQIA activists will soon be coming out with an entire series of “Queering” books, the first of which is titled “Queering ‘Atlas Shrugged’” and which will be available in bookstores April 16th, 2019, the Tuesday before Easter. Other titles in the highly anticipated series will include, “Queering ‘War and Peace,’” “Queering ‘Gone with the Wind,’” “Queer Theory and the Declaration of Independence,” “Queering ‘The Old Man and the Sea’,” “Queering ‘Wuthering Heights,’” “Queering ‘Romeo and Juliet,’” “Queer Theory and the Gettysburg Address,” “Queering ‘Huckleberry Finn,’” “Queering Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass,” “Queering the Bible…for Dummies!,” “Queering ‘The Gulag Archipelago,’” “Queer Theory and the Constitution,” “Queering ‘Moby Dick,’” “Queering ‘Old Yeller,’” “Queering the Kama Sutra,” “Queering the Bass Pro Catalog,” “Queering ‘How to Fix Almost Anything’” (by George S. Hoffman), “Queering ‘The Hobbit,’” and “Queer Theory and ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio.’”

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