Sunday, January 13, 2019

Women's Colleges To Admit Those With Penises

                Smith College, of Northampton, Massachusetts, recently announced that it will henceforth admit “self-identified transgender women” into the all-women’s school starting with the fall, 2019 semester.
                The college stated: “The board’s decision affirms Smith’s unwavering mission and identity as a woman’s college, our commitment to representing the diversity of women’s lived experiences, and the college’s exceptional role in the advancement of women worldwide.”
                In short: applicants who were born male but identify as women are eligible for admission, but applicants who were born female but identify as men are not eligible for admission. Women with penises good. Men with vaginas bad. Biology is right out. (You know how progressives love science)!
                Smith will have far more penises hanging around campus than one would expect at an “all-women’s college,” but this only makes sense now that the only thing that matters is what you believe yourself to be.
                And Smith isn’t the only college proud of its “exceptional role in the advancement of women (with penises) worldwide.”
                Stephens College, located in Columbia, Missouri (fly-over country!), has also changed its admissions policy to favor men who claim to be women over women who’d like to be men. This school will now “admit and enroll students who were not born female, but who identify and live as women,” while rejecting applications from those “who were born female but who now identify as men or who are transitioning from female to male.” The school will continue to enroll non-binary individuals, as long as they aren’t “transitioning to male.”
                So, in the eyes of institutes of higher learning, you aren’t a woman if you actually are one, but don’t wish to be, but are a woman if you aren’t, but want to be. This seems to me a real—albeit twisted-- form of misogyny. And logic.
                Stephens College was founded on August 24th, 1833, as the Columbia Female Academy. Decades later, in the latter 19th century, it was renamed Stephens Female College after James L. Stephens endowed the school with $20,000.
                Now, some of its “women” students will be endowed, as well.

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