Saturday, January 5, 2019

Walls Work, Democrats Don't

                Open border Democrats never tire of saying “walls don’t work.” How is it that they get away with uttering such preposterously bald-faced lies? The only appropriate reply is: Oh really? I’m betting you have four—or more—of them on your own house. Why, if ‘walls don’t work?’ A needless expense, no? If walls don’t work, why did the Obamas build one around their lovely new mansion—in a tony, lily-white enclave, yet?
                If walls don’t work, why did castles have walls? (Tall walls. Moats, too). If walls don’t work, why did the Obama administration give so much money to other nations to build them? If walls don’t work, why did the Chinese build such a long one so many years ago? Their wall is 13,170 miles in length. That’s over half the length of the equator, and more than six times longer than ours would need to be. Their wall is 21 feet wide, and averages 20 to 23 feet high, with a maximum height of 46 feet. Didn’t they have anything better to do? Why did they expend so much treasure, time and effort to build a useless wall?
                If walls don’t work, why did the Soviets build the Berlin Wall? And why were so many glad when it finally came down? Hundreds of people were killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall.
                If walls don’t work, why did the construction of Israel’s (separating her from Palestinian Administered Territories on the West Bank) result in a nearly immediate and almost complete elimination of Israeli deaths by Palestinian terror attack?
                Today’s Democrats spew bullshit like Mount Etna spews lava. In truth, the only reason they don’t want the wall is because they want more votes. They want to replace—or at least overwhelm—the deplorable citizens in flyover country who won’t tow their progressive party line with illegals in sanctuary cities who will, sooner or later, vote for them. People to whom they can throw a bone or two knowing that, like Pavlov’s dog, they will act reflexively-- and vote for them in gratitude. And perpetuity.
                “Five billion dollars for a wall that will be counter to our own interests? No way, José! Trillions for entitlement programs for illegals? A bargain for us at any cost, no matter how many American lives are lost!”
                Tens of thousands of American citizens are dying every year just from opioid overdoses. Countless more die other drug-related deaths. The vast majority of these drugs come across the U.S.’s still porous southern border. It was only a few short years ago that several of the self-same Democrats refusing to fund the wall today were giving lip service to a wall or “barrier” to help control who and what came across the border, because they thought it would help them get elected. (After which they would’ve done an about face). But if President Trump wants it, they must be against it.
Democrat’s disdain for their own countrymen—and country—is driven by their insatiable lust for power. And it is pure, unadulterated evil.   

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