Friday, January 11, 2019

Driver-Less Cars II: Dream Or Nightmare?

                Driver-less cars are coming. Whether we want them or not. And, like cash-less societies (also coming), they will give governments, bureaucrats and Big Tech vastly more control over our lives. In the case of cashless societies, the Government-Big Tech-complex will know everything we purchase and everywhere we go. Driver-less cars may, ironically, render some of us utterly immobile. If future vehicles don’t have steering wheels or other internal control mechanisms, someone other than our-selves will control the car. Software and GPS-like technology will rule the day. Riders will be able to program the vehicle to a degree, inputting their destination and certain other data. The rest, well
                Not only can the software running these vehicles be hacked, a potentially dangerous situation, but the car’s computers can be programmed with an endless number of limitations and parameters. This will be far worse than dealing with a backseat driver. This will be a permanent designated driver-- albeit a remote one-- who may consider many things more important than your wishes.

                “I’m sorry Ms. Johnson, but you are not authorized to listen to that radio station…it’s currently airing the ‘Rush Limbaugh Show.’”

                “You are not allowed to go any faster on this stretch of road, Mr. Smith. This is the speed limit.”
                “But, I have to get my wife to the hospital!”

                “Mr. Kramer, you have already used up your monthly allotment of gas. You will not be able to start this vehicle for another eight days.”

                “Mrs. Brown, I understand that your taxes are in arrears. I will be taking you downtown now.”
                “Robert—can I call you Bob?-- Great. Bobby, if you desire to go to Richfield, the route you chose is highly inefficient and not environmentally friendly. I will select a more appropriate route.”

                “Ms. Henderson, you’ll have to remove the crucifix hanging off your rear-view mirror when we travel through the national park. It’s a public area, and taxpayer funded government space, so no religious symbols are allowed. By-the-way, is your…umm…traveling ‘companion’ by any chance a Jew?”

                “Mr. White, do you—”
                “It’s not Mr. White. I identify as a woman.”
                “Frightfully sorry. Mrs. White, do you—”
                “I don’t go by ‘Mrs.,’ either. My preferred pronoun is ‘they.’ I’m nanogender. But I’ll also answer to ‘zie.’”
                “Of course. Okay they, zie have to buckle up before we can leave. And no smoking, unless it’s marijuana.”
                “Alright, but you’re driving me up a wall. Get it?"
                “Haha. Likewise, I’m sure. But there is no wall. And there never will be. At least not on America’s southern border. Walls don’t work. And they are immoral. I would caution you to remember that, White…if you know what I mean.”
                “I identify as Black now. For the record.”


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