Saturday, January 19, 2019

BuzzFeed, BuzzKill

                The Mueller Inquisition has yet to find the smoking gun linking Trump to the Russians and the media is getting impatient.
    Buzzfeed, repository of junk journalism that it is, put out a story recently claiming that Michael Cohen alleged in testimony that President Trump urged him to lie to Congress. Soon thereafter, Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself publicly characterized the story, related to the Trump-Russian collusion investigation, as “not accurate.”
                Neither The New York Times nor The Washington Post ran with the story, citing at least one source that directly contradicted the BuzzFeed story.
                BuzzFeed has repeatedly announced that it is standing by its story and is asking that Mueller’s office clarify what facts and allegations it is challenging.
                Despite the lack of corroboration, ABC, NBC and CBS donated a total of 27 minutes of airtime to the “bombshell” story, while MSNBC’s Chris “I Felt This Thrill Going Up My Leg” Matthews was also pluckily holding out hope that the story would prove true. And CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin worried that, if the story proves untrue, the fake report would leave many believing that “the news media are a bunch of leftist liars.” If the slur fits…
                CNN also warned that the “bigger picture” was the possibility that viewers could lose faith in the media and the veracity and integrity of The Fourth Estate. (Yes, forget the takedown of a sitting president, it’s all about you who so selflessly serve the public by attempting to indoctrinate them into your way of thinking). Heaven forbid those viewers should believe in “fake news” just because it demonstrably exists, as has just been proven…again. BuzzFeed, you may recall, is the same outlet that touted the now disgraced dossier that started the Mueller investigation in the first place.
                This story could still prove true. There may yet be one or more allegations against Trump that damage—or end—his presidency. That doesn’t change the fact that no one brings more shame upon those in the Western mainstream media than they bring on themselves. With the release of every “bombshell” story and each fevered allegation against the president, the media slobbers all over itself with impeachment lust, only to be let down once more.
                It’s as if those in the media kept reporting that “Chicken Little says ‘the sky is falling!’” and, upon finding this a lie, were only concerned that people might stop believing Chicken Little.

                What a bunch of Mayor Turkey Lurkeys.*

                *Look it up if you need to

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