Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The New York Times Falsely Claims It "Exclusively Obtained" Climate Change Report

                The New York Times, a.k.a. “The Truth,” recently “quoted” unnamed scientists who supposedly told the paper they were afraid President Trump would try to suppress an extensive new federal climate change report. The Times stated that this “directly contradicts claims by President Trump and members of his cabinet.” The paper went so far as to assert it had “exclusively obtained” the report, and was the first to report on it.
                Unfortunately for the Times, it turns out the government never held the report in an unreleased status, and that the report has been available on the internet since at least January. Scientists who wrote the report pointed out this slight oversight, with one posting this message on social media: “Important to point out that this report was already accessible to anyone who cared to read it during public review & comment time. Few did.” Ouch.
                This prompted the Times to add a correction to the bottom of its story: “An article on Tuesday about a sweeping federal climate change report referred incorrectly to the availability of the report. While it was not widely publicized, the report was uploaded by the nonprofit Internet Archive in January; it was not first made public by The New York Times.” Oddly, the paper didn’t tout its “exclusive correction.”
                We shouldn’t be too hard on these objective journalists, though. After all, they were too busy reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion scandal to go online and fact-check a climate change story. There probably wasn’t any leftover room in the paper, either.
                The truth is: these are sad Times, indeed.

                Look for the “Newspaper of Record” to soon claim it has exclusively obtained information pertaining to- and will be the first to report on- the resignation of President Richard Nixon, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, and the Gettysburg Address. 

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