Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Changing Face Of Love And Marriage

The Changing Face Of Love And Marriage:

1500 A.D.: “Hilda, we are marrying you off to Dagmar. He’s from a good family that has wealth and station. We got a good price for you, an excellent dowry.”
Hilda: “Yes, father.”

1900 A.D.: “Sir, may I formally- and humbly- request the hand of your precious daughter in marriage?”
Sir: “Well, since you put it that way…I’ll think about it, son.”

1980 A.D.: “Mom, Daddy, Brad and I have gotten engaged!”
Daddy: “Which Brad, dear?”

2016 A.D.: “Mom, I’ve gotten engaged!”            
Mom: “To a boy or girl, dear?”

2030 A.D.: “Parental Unit One, I’m getting married soon!”   
Parental Unit One: “Animal, mineral, or vegetable?”

2040 A.D. (if there is one)- ???

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