Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Catholic School Removes Figures Of Jesus And Mary

                San Domenico, a San Francisco area Catholic school, recently removed several religious figures- including Jesus and Mary- in order to be “more inclusive.” Cecily Stock, the school’s head, said that the decision was made so that prospective families would be aware that “we are an independent school.” She added that, due to demographic changes, the majority of the families with students at the school do not identify as Catholic.  The prioress general of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, Sister Maureen McInerney, explained: “San Domenico is a Catholic school; it is making an effort to be inclusive of all faiths.”
                It’s not much of a Catholic school, is it, Sister?! Though I’m not a theologian, I daresay Jesus and Mary are relatively integral to the Catholic faith. If Catholics, in the name of inclusion, embark on the widespread removal of statues and images of Jesus and Mary- as if they had fought for the Confederacy- they will be emboldening relativism, hedonism and, likely, at least one other religion, while furthering the diminution of their own. Why wouldn’t Catholicism be inclusive of Jesus and Mary??!!
                What’s next? Will temples and synagogues start cleansing themselves of any symbols of Judaism?
                Will Burger King be forced to re-brand in acquiescence to protests by women’s groups and the LGBTQIA community? “Have it your way, at Burger Queen!”
                Will MSNBC remove Rachel Maddow from its line-up so as not to offend sane people?
                Funny, climate change believers don’t remove “hockey-stick” graphs because those they brand “deniers” find them offensive and ridiculous, do they? Nope, these “experts” tell them, “screw you, the ‘science’ is settled…you should be in prison!” 
                When and where Muslims are in the majority, will they/ do they voluntarily dispense with hijabs and prayer rugs in order to be more inclusive and welcoming to Christians and other minorities?
                Everything offends someone now, especially The Truth.

    It is time for someone to stand up for It, come what may.

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