Tuesday, August 29, 2017

No Fascists!

                 Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada recently canceled an event called “The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses,” citing safety concerns. So even the planned discussion of the stifling of free speech on campus…was stifled. The roster of speakers/panelists featured a couple of experts who are in favor of free speech and aren’t radical leftists, causing a group called “No Fascists in Our City!” to threaten “counter protests.” The groups Facebook page stated that “Considering the rise of Nationalism here and abroad we need to show these people and their guests that we will not tolerate their backward nonsense in our city.” The group also pressured the school’s student government to pressure the school’s administrators into shutting down the forum.
                Yet another university surrenders to intolerant, close-minded thugs, rather than executing its mission to educate and enlighten its students by exposing them to various schools of thought. Pathetic. And frightening. Remember when schools used to offer classes in debate, and have traveling debate teams? It’s impossible to have a debate if you refuse to let “the other side” speak…or even appear on campus, isn’t it?
It’s hard to imagine a vigorous debate occurring on campus today. Many of the little snowflakes would go blubbering off to their safe spaces at the first contradiction of the bizarrely cherished notions they’ve had implanted in their otherwise barren heads.
Christeen Elizabeth, one of the organizers of the No Fascists protests, told the National Post: “Transphobia is violence. Violence is contextual…We can’t be complicit in this.” Actually, Christeen, “transphobia” is not violence. Claustrophobia is not violence. No phobia is violence. Violence is not contextual. Violence is violence. Had you been educated in an earlier era you would have known this. Here’s a helpful primer:

Violence: noun
*behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
Notice the complete absence of a line similar to: “Violence is the belief that one should be free to state one’s beliefs…without fear of violence.”

After the university caved to the anti-diversity Nazis and canceled the event, the Fascist No Fascist’s Facebook page was thusly updated: “Everyone!!! We got this shut down! Let’s CELEBRATE!” I thought it was conservatives that wanted to stand astride history and yell “Stop!” Congratulations, you shut this down, you stopped that, you prevented something else. Really progressive.
And then the group went ahead with the protest rally anyway, even sans opposition, “because the fight is not over.”

 No Fascists in Our City! is an absurd label for such a supremely rigid and cowardly group. There certainly are Fascists in Your City, morons. Look in the mirror! Who are the intolerant ones? Look in the mirror!! Who are the “hate mongers?” Look in the mirror!!!

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