Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sayonara, North Korea

                North Korea has vowed to “turn the United States into a pile of ash” if President Trump attempts to undermine the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear capabilities by force. Minju Choson, the state-run newspaper, warned the erstwhile most powerful country on earth that military confrontation between the two nations will “inevitably lead the U.S. to self-destruction.” Self-destruction? I thought you guys were going to turn us into a pile of ash? You need our help? (In fairness, if it were left up to the left, you’d get it).             
                Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have further increased since the rogue state’s recent intercontinental ballistic missile launch appeared to prove that North Korea now has the ability to hit targets in the U.S. interior. And the North’s leader, dictator Kim Jong un, appears to believe that the United States is dead set on regime change, though no one in the U.S. government has officially verbalized such a goal. The official news agency of North Korea, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), warned that even “the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership” will lead to a “merciless blow” with its “powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time.”
   Mike Pompeo, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, stated that the U.S. is working on a “wide range of options” for dealing with the North Korean threat, adding, “As for the regime, I'm hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system.”
               KCNA, Kim Jong un’s mouthpiece, said those remarks demonstrate Pompeo’s “illiteracy” about North Korea and “an explicit illustration of incompetence of the U.S. intelligence community.”  It then threatened Pompeo directly, saying he will “bitterly experience catastrophic and miserable consequences” by daring to shake his “little fists” at the Kim regime.
  Sounds like somebody needs a nap.  
              The KCNA also opined that North Korea “must preemptively annihilate those countries and entities that are directly or indirectly involved in it by mobilizing all kinds of strike means including the nuclear ones.” Say what?
              The obviously insane Kim Jong Un needs to be the victim of the extreme methods of killing that he himself has employed on anyone he deems unworthy of his “greatness.” Special forces should see to his capture, if possible. Relatives of those he has tortured and murdered should be granted the privilege of eviscerating him via anti-aircraft gunfire. And then they should smile, shake hands with those around them, and laugh, like the insane dictator himself does after another rival is exterminated or another successful missile launch has occurred.
             Not convinced that Jong un is insane? Following a recent U.S.-South Korea joint missile test, Rodong Sinmun, North Korea’s state-run newspaper, boasted: “Every minute and every second, the new reality that U.S. mainland is on the knife’s edge of life and death is forcing U.S. administration to wave a white flag and fundamentally change her North Korea policy.”
            “It is not the denuclearization of N. Korea, but the security of U.S. mainland which should be the top priority of Trump administration,” the article continued. Then came this threat: “If U.S. still refuses to accept such a realistic demand and doggedly pursue hostile policy against North Korea in order to save face, she will receive unexpected ‘gift packages’ which we will continue to send.”         
             It is time for the United States to take actions worthy of its wildly successful past and to stop caring about what any other country thinks of those actions. Period. Many around the world hate us. Good for them. Some around the world revere us. Good for them. A few are plotting our destruction. Good for them. Untold millions are rooting for us. Good for them.
Yet, everyone has been the beneficiary of American largesse. We have defeated nations who have attacked us without warning, and given them billions of dollars to rebuild. We have donated more money to global relief and charity than any other nation, and probably all other nations combined. We have, without doubt, unshackled more people from government bondage than all other nations combined. And we have nearly always considered the interests of other nations before- and after- taking action.
Whether for our own national security interests, or that of our allies, or even the safety and stability of the “global community” in general, it is time for us to take action.
It is time for the United States to reckon with the Hermit Kingdom, even by wiping North Korea off the face of the earth, if necessary. Period. I do not say this lightly. It is a tragedy that it has come to this, due to leftist’s engagement and appeasement policies, but we cannot countenance the potential destruction of any American city or military base…or a South Korean or Japanese city, either.
            The gullible fools- in both parties- who thought China might be leveraged to help de-escalate the situation have, predictably, been proven wrong. Screw China. Screw Russia. And, if necessary, Iran should meet the same fate that the Hermit Kingdom must soon be dealt. Courtesy of the red, white and blue.
            So, burn, Pyongyang, burn…and let freedom ring.


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